Trying to lớn figure out how lớn make a copied Dota 2 from another PC work? Which ultimately is the reason why you visit this page. In this article, we will discuss different ways about how to copy Dota 2 from another PC other than the conventional Steam Back-up method.

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Dota 2 is one of the biggest title that most gamer play nowadays along with international competitions that professional players participate in khổng lồ win millions of prizes and as day passes by, technology evolves and so vì games.

Valve sầu have introduced a new platsize source for Dota 2 which is called “Dota 2 Reborn”. This Reborn client started off as a 7 GB optional update for Dota 2 players. This new client comes with the new Source 2 engine, Valve’s lachạy thử game development platkhung. This means that ongoing development in the new engine will continue khổng lồ improve Dota 2. Source 2 includes technology for rendering improvements, performance optimizations, higher fidelity content, và richer, more dynamic games.

If you have been playing Dota 2, you pretty much have seen the Dota 2 Reborn Beta Inhỏ that you can find within the usual Dota 2 in-game UI.

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But enough of that introduction about the Reborn beta, we know what you came here for. You’re probably one of those people that plays Dota 2 but subscribed to the shittiest Internet Service Provider because you live sầu in a 3rd world country where everything is expensive like hell or your ISP is imposing some daily data cap that prevents your to lớn tải về that whopping 7 GB tệp tin kích cỡ which can approximately take you 2 weeks lớn complete without shutting your PC off.

Well, to add more to it, Valve sầu just released a 5.8 GB update for reborn last September 3, 2015. Making the Reborn client tệp tin form size to hit 10 GB và up. Moreover, Valve sầu will soon impose a mandatory installation of Reborn client in the near future because they will be leaving the Source 1 soon và move to the new & much better Reborn client.

How to Copy DOTA 2 from Another PC

Editor’s Notes: DOTA 2 has evolved significantly overtime và with the lachạy thử 2021 patch, has significantly improved. This includes Steam’s own handling of files. Steam in 2021 can now scan its install directories và look for partial or full installations so you can just copy DOTA 2 off a friend’s hard drive or another PC & drop it on your Steam Library folder or your Steam apps thư mục & you’re good.