Happy Batman Day folks! With a bunch of không lấy phí Batman games available on the Epic Games Store for không lấy phí, we thought you might want lớn play some Batman games. In honour of this special day we thought we’d do a round-up of the best Batman games around.

The rules: they all have to lớn be natively on PC (no emulators!), và Batman has lớn be the main character. Unfortunately that eliminates a fair amount of games, but don’t worry, we’ve still got enough! And hey, at the very least you’ll see how we rank the Arksay mê series. So please take a leap off that building before dramatically firing a grhãng apple gun at The Top 10 Batman Games on PC!



Injustice: Gods Aao ước UsThe excellent beat-em-up from the developers of Mortal Kombat boasts an excellent story mode và wonderful 2D fighter mechanics, plus the PC version is the Gold Edition so contains all the DLC. However a shaky online mode on PC and the more recent competitor seals this one khổng lồ the Runners-Ups.Scribblenauts UnmaskedThe Scribblenauts series are puzzle games where you can type anything, lượt thích “Red Farting Cthulhu”, & it appears. Sadly once it hit the DC-themed third game players had pretty much had their fill of it. Which is a shame, because Unmasked is filled with much love for DC Comics.

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Batman: The Telltale Series
The focus on Bruce Wayne from his pre-Joker Batman days, making mistakes and ticking off mobsters, the hints at a larger unfolding plan, the compelling new takes on classic villains such as Catwoman and the Penguin, and the excellent planning và detective sầu moments were all great - but it"s been superseded by another title...Gotđắm say City ImpostersThis now F2P shooter has kém chất lượng Batman và Joker gangs battling in the streets of Gotyêu thích & is a lot of fun. It got overlooked when it first came out, probably due khổng lồ requiring money, even though it was developed by F.E.A.R., Condemned & Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor maker Monolith. You don’t actually play as Batman though, so it stays off the menu.


LEGO DC Super Villains
Possibly the best LEGO comic book game, with a gigantic play area encompassing Gotsay mê City, Metropolis, Smallville, Apokolips & more, và if you"re a DC tín đồ you should really piông chồng it up. However, despite bringing baông chồng Kevin Conroy as Batman, he"s really a side-character. This one"s about the villains...DC Universe OnlineA pretty excellent MMO that’s of course also now F2P, with Batman and the Joker playing prominent roles, DCUO is well worth a look and is one of the best DC Comics games on PC - but the absurd monetization walls it off the list.The 10 Best Batman games on PC!



Armature Studios/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2013 (handhelds) / năm trước (PC & consoles)Why It’s Here: Please welcome the first Arkđam mê game on this các mục. Originally a handheld-only tie-in for Arkmê say Origins, Blackgate was given an improved PC and console port. On paper it’s superb – the Arkham mê gameplay translated lớn 2D in the khung of a proper Metroidvania by a team made of veterans from the excellent Metroid Prime series, set in the other Gotđê mê prison - that also had been taken over by villains such as the Joker, Penguin & Blachồng Mask. It’s certainly an interesting adventure & the gameplay actually has been translated well from 3D lớn 2D - plus it has all the Origins voice actors, including Troy Baker’s excellent Mark Hamill Joker impression.Why It’s Not Higher: Sadly unlượt thích Arkmê man Asylum Blackgate is incredibly dull to lớn explore with every area looking the same, all blaông chồng và drab and lifeless. Consequently the back-and-forth gameplay soon loses its spark & the whole thing becomes boring.



Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft MontrealRelease: 2001 (consoles) / 2002 (PC)Why It’s Here: The first 3 chiều game based on Batman: The Animated Series was developed by Ubisoft Montreal & featured an original story performed by the excellent voice cast from the show - including Kevin Conroy’s Batman, Mark Hamill’s Joker, Michael Ansara’s Mr. Freeze, Arleen Sorkin’s Harley Quinn và Tara Strong’s Batgirl. While undoubtedly a simple linear game with a lot of different gameplay styles it’s certainly highly playable, and the idea of playing through lost episodes of the iconic show was enough lớn spur us on. It worked without any hassle on Windows 10 64-Bit.Why It’s Not Higher: For starters, the controls on PC utterly suông xã. If you use mouse và keyboard you’ll be expected to lớn press Delete to climb ladders or End lớn jump or glide. A gamepad doesn’t make things much easier, as the game will cheerfully tell you that Jump is assigned lớn “Button 3” so igniting a frantic mash of all buttons lớn find it. The camera’s either uncontrollable or painful, và having a first-person mode is nice until you realize that the game wasn’t built with dual analogue sticks in mind.


Developer/Publisher: TT Games/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2014Why It’s Here: If you’re a DC người và don’t mind the LEGO formula, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotđắm đuối is pure fanbait. The fun story covers every angle of the DC universe và is filled with a deep love sầu for the comics. There’s 100+ characters to lớn unloông xã with their own unique abilities, many missions, hidden bonuses, co-op, và tons of replay value. It’s our personal favourite LEGO game, but it’s not necessarily the highest on this list… however, it’s the only game here with the voice of Adam West.Why It’s Not Higher: Despite being excellent it’s the third LEGO Batman game so the formula is getting a little tired, even by LEGO videogame standards. Furthermore TT Games decided not to have sầu the free-roaming hub that made LEGO Batman 2 và LEGO DC Super Villains so compelling, instead just featuring a number of smaller hubs that are a bit of a pain to lớn navigate. More to the point though, LEGO Batman 3 skirts the edges of this các mục by only just being a Batman game – in reality it’s more a celebration of the entire DC Comics multiverse.


Developer/Publisher: Rocksteady/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2015 (eventually)Why It’s Here: The final chapter of Rocksteady’s epic Arkđắm say trilogy is a truly excellent game. There’s a proper open-world Gotsi mê City complete with Batdi động, next-gen graphics, every villain you can think of (except Bane for some reason), và a truly inspired use of the Joker. The gameplay has been polished to perfection, the challenge is just right, Gotđắm đuối City looks gorgeous and is crammed with detail, & there’s a heông chồng of a lot khổng lồ vị in it. If we were going to play a Batman game now, it’ll probably be this one.Why It’s Not Higher: It cannot be underestimated how badly Warner Bros screwed up the PC version, and some people still struggle with slowdown. That aside, the story is just plain boring. Rocksteady chose not to lớn ask for veteran writer Paul Dini’s assistance this time & instead proved just why he’s so good, scripting a highly predictable tale with dull lines ("over my dead body", "I believe sầu that was the idea"), blatantly obvious twists, and an ending that Batman could’ve got out of in a million different ways other than the one he went with. Oh, và the Batmobile felt lượt thích it belonged in a totally different game and the Riddler had a giant mech suit.


Developer/Publisher: WB Montreal/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2013Why It’s Here: Yes, the non-Rocksteady Arkmê man gets in higher than Arkham Knight. The gameplay is much the same greatness as in Arkyêu thích City except we’re in an open-world Gotham mê for the first time, there are some great setpieces (the Deathstroke và Firefly battles for example), and there’s no Batdi động to be seen. However it’s the story that puts Origins firmly ahead of Knight, with several cool twists that build inkhổng lồ Batman’s first meeting with the Joker - before flipping the script & bringing another villain to lớn the forefront, a superb retelling of Batman lore. The game has a few flaws, but the great gameplay is unimpeded. Shame the excellent multiplayer is offline now.Why It’s Not Higher: A couple of big problems nearly let Knight steal this spot. In terms of cấp độ kiến thiết, Origins just doesn’t quite feel as detailed or as polished as a Rocksteady title - with plenty of areas that Batman can’t grtáo khuyết on to and a giant boring bridge bisecting the maps. However it’s the bugs that let the game down, which are still prevalent và are never going khổng lồ be fixed.

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Developer/Publisher: TT Games/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2012Why It’s Here: Think of the ultimate Batman game. Maybe you’ll imagine a giant free-roaming Gotmê mệt City with actual pedestrians rather than just criminals & where you can head out of the thành phố to Arkmê man Asylum, Wayne Manor, the carnival, và the Batcave sầu. Where you can control every Bat-vehicle, the Batmobile is really cool rather than a murder tank, & you can drive sầu all of them (even the Batwing và Batboat) out of the Batcave sầu all the way to lớn the centre of town. How about being able khổng lồ unloông xã & control every Batman character including the villains, và even the Justice League? Danny Elfman doing the soundtraông chồng, apart from when Superman flies where John Williams plays instead?This is LEGO Batman 2. Yes the story’s not quite as DC-centric as Beyond Gotsi, but it features a full Gotmê say City to lớn explore and is far more Batman-centric. That said, it’s also still probably the best Superman game ever made...Why It’s Not Higher: It’s still a LEGO game, & TT Games would take everything they learned from LEGO Batman 2 & make the superior LEGO Marvel Superheroes & LEGO DC Super Villains - which isn"t really a Batman game. Gotsi just isn’t as interesting as it could’ve been, really feeling like it needed to lớn be 10% smaller & with 15% more things to do. So despite being a laundry các mục for the greatest Batman game ever it still basically ended up with the same flaws as Arksay mê Origins, except less buggy.


Developer/Publisher: Telltale GamesRelease: 2017 Why It’s Here: It may have been the last full game Telltale released before closing (Walking Dead"s Final Season was completed afterwards) but it"s probably Telltale"s best series ever. It builds wonderfully from Telltale"s alternate take on Batman history in the first season, with some incredible new takes on The Riddler and Harley Quinn. Best of all though, the series focuses on the rise of the Joker, và through choices players get to lớn craft their own take on the Clown Prince of Crime - lớn the point where he might not even be a criminal! The series also explores Bruce Wayne as much as his alter-ego, and it all leads khổng lồ an ending that can play out very differently, depending on how you tackled the previous episodes.Why It’s Not Higher: For a lot of people the Telltale formula got a little stale, or at least the engine was, which is part of the reason why the studio closed. Nevertheless, at this position & the quality of the games ahead, an entirely story-focused Batman game as the fourth best Batman game ever is great.


Developer/Publisher: Netherrealm/Eidos/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2017Why It’s Here: It may not be fully Batman, but Injustice 2 is both one of the finest fighting games ever made and one of the best DC Comics games ever made. The sequel lớn Injustice: Gods Among mỏi Us has Batman trying khổng lồ put the world baông xã together while sending the few remaining non-evil heroes out lớn fight - but when a new global threat comes forth Batman will have sầu to rely on the corrupted Superman và his former team once again. Come for the wonderful story mode, stay for the epic & very satisfying fights.Why It’s Not Higher: Technically speaking it"s not just a Batman game, it"s a full DC Comics game. While he is arguably the main character, you don"t play Batman all the time. Furthermore, there are two better games that honour everything DC và Batman while still just sticking exclusively lớn letting the player play as the Dark Knight...


Developer/Publisher: Rocksteady/Eidos/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2009Why It’s Here: For a glorious period, 2008-2009, Batman was the biggest và the best franchise in three different mediums. The Dark Knight was the greathử nghiệm supernhân vật movie of all time & one of the best movies of 2008, Grant Morrison và Scott Snyder made Batman comics the best around, và a little game from the UK’s unknown Rocksteady Studquả táo became the best videogame of 2009. Arkđắm đuối Asylum was a work of sheer cleverness & love, confining Batman lớn the iconic Arkmê mệt grounds và turning it into a set of Bioshock and Metroid. Paul Dini’s writing nailed the characters, the Animated Series voice cast stole the show, & the amazing combat system became the template for a million games khổng lồ copy. Arkmê mệt Asylum changed gaming as we know it and it’s as important to the medium as Super Mario Bros or Half-Life. Most importantly, it just got Batman right in a way no game had before.Why It’s Not Higher: We’re sure there will be disagreements. However, while a truly classic game it’s not quite the perfect Batman game. Many of Batman’s best villains, including Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face & Mr. Freeze, bởi vì not make an appearance. It’s not really free-roaming and just getting from the front door of the Asylum khổng lồ the baông chồng requires a lot of trekking. Most importantly the constant Tichảy fights & boss battles were the worst sort of videogame-y bulls*** around, with the overlong Killer Croc fight và the stupid Tirã Joker finale in particular standing out for being annoying. A superb game, but not without flaws.Which leaves us with our Number One Best Batman trò chơi on PC…1. BATMAN: ARKHAM CITYDeveloper/Publisher: Rocksteady/Warner Bros InteractiveRelease: 2011Why It’s The Best Batman trò chơi Ever: Asylum set the template for a perfect Batman game & City bust it wide open. Everything that made Asylum great – Paul Dini on writing duties, the voice cast, the combat, the stealth, the perfect cấp độ design – was bachồng and ramped up. The story has numerous excellent twists, most of which involved roping in the whole of Batman’s excellent rogues gallery. The voice cast has been expanded lớn bring in Maurice LaMarbít (Mr Freeze), Corey Burton (Hugo Strange), Nolan North (The Penguin), & Tara Strong (Harley Quinn). The combat has been improved with a range of new quick-fire gadgets such as the ice grenade. The Riddler challenges would never get better, with some cool challenge rooms.
More than that though, the ingenious decision to lớn turn a slice of Gotham City into an open prison allowed Rocksteady khổng lồ have sầu their cake and eat it – a place filled with prisoners khổng lồ beat up within set walls và yet still be a free-roaming đô thị. There isn’t a boring moment in the entire game, and from shocking start to lớn equally shocking finish you’ll be utterly hooked. While it is arguable whether Arkđam mê Asylum is the better game, Arkham mê City is the better Batman experience. Everything you could possibly want from a non-LEGO Batman game is here, sans perhaps the Batmobile – và we know how well that turned out. It is, in short, the best Batman game on PC.
Then again, that’s our opinion. Please feel miễn phí khổng lồ chime in with your opinion in the comments below. Merry Batman Day one & all! Save me a wing.