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In order to protect life và safeguard property, it is our duty khổng lồ warn the public in advance and provide information & advice lớn the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and relevant authorities, if an emergency is likely to lớn occur.

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General Weather Forecast

Our General Weather Forecast are issued 3 times daily, giving an overall summary of expected weather conditions, including: wind speed, wind direction, day và night-time air temperature, advisories & warnings, and astronomical conditions to lớn the general public.

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Marine Forecast

The Marine Forecast is issued twice daily, giving a general summary of expected weather conditions khổng lồ mariners travelling over offshore areas. This forecast includes wind speed, wind direction, air và sea temperature, wave sầu height, small craft cautions, & warnings.

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Aviation Forecast

The Belize provides timely & accurate forecasts once daily to lớn air traffic control to lớn maintain safety và improve the efficiency of the airlines & airports in Belize. On occasions, individual weather briefings on possible weather disruptions of flight paths are provided to pilots.

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Agricultural Services

We provide specialized services to support the agriculture value chain, aimed at maximizing production & efficiency & reducing the risk of pests & diseases. Our Agro-Products assist farmers, food producers, sumuoi.mobiernment & other agencies in managing và planning for, plant and animal health và safety risks through early warning và hazard alerts. Get Lathử nghiệm Forecast


Climate Services

Our outlooks provide a general probabilistic guide, to lớn rainfall and temperature expected during the individual period. Daily weather discussions & monthly weather summaries are provided khổng lồ help authorities prepare for, and respond khổng lồ, emergencies that can have a major impact on the Belizean society.

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WRF Products

The Belize utilizes the Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) numerical prediction Mã Sản Phẩm ran twice daily, khổng lồ provide 3-hourly rainfall and 10-meter wind forecasts khổng lồ the general public.

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