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# User Contrib.
1 1-gon 213
2 Errichto 190
3 rng_58 188
4 awoo 187
5 SecondThread 186
6 Um_nik 180
7 Ashishgup 177
8 vovuh 173
8 -is-this-fft- 173
8 maroonrk 173

ByAhnaf.Shahriar.Asif, history, 4 years ago,

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Hello everybody toàn thân . I have got some problems . In the last conchạy thử I solved a problem within 11 minutes . But someone hacked my submission . I still have no idea about hacking a submission . Please help me . How can I haông chồng others" submission ? And how or why they can haông xã mine ? If there anyone who can help me ?????

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4 years ago

As you now, at the conchạy thử your code runs at pretests, so it doesn"t mean your solution is fully correct. If you think your solution is correct at the conchạy thử you can lochồng your solution at the dashboard, then go to lớn your room và click solutions of other people in locked problem. If you think someones solution is not correct, cliông xã Haông chồng button below his code then write demo which his solution fails. That"s all. chú ý that you can"t resubmit after locking problem.

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Suppose your rank is 3000 and you hack someone"s code who has rank 2800. there might be a chance that his rank will fall below your rank(more than 3000). and your rank will be 2999.

In Educational Div2 and Div3 rounds, you can see anyone"s code after the contest and hack it within 12hrs after the conchạy thử ends. For hacking in those rounds, you have khổng lồ open someone"s solution và in the top of it there will be options khổng lồ copy, hack, etc. Cliông chồng on hack option. And then skết thúc the inputs in which the code is not giving the correct output. If your clayên is correct, then successful haông chồng otherwise not. But in case of Div2. rounds, there are some restrictions. You can hack the solution in your room only & that too during the conthử nghiệm only. You have sầu lớn lock your solution first (if và only if pretests passed). For locking a solution you have lớn go to lớn the Dashboard và there will be a loông xã symbol after the question name. Click on it và then confirm locking. After then go lớn your room & then you can see the solution of any of the participants in your room & you can hack it. But in case of unsuccessful haông xã you will thua thảm 50 points. Also you can"t submit again after locking your solution!! So be careful and confident while doing so!!

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