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something that a person has created or written, esp. a text, a work of art, or a piece of music, or the act of creating or writing something:
< C > In school we had to write a composition (= short piece of writing) on our favorite TV programs.

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the composition of sth The company said it plans to lớn change the composition of its board of directors, creating a board composed predominantly of independent directors.

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an agreement in which someone who owes money pays less than is owed, in order to settle the debt more quickly:
make a composition with sb If a person has at any time been made bankrupt or has made a composition with creditors, he is disqualified from being appointed as a trustee of the charity.
A cross-sectional study of 135 learners at six levels of proficiency was conducted using a cloze passage and compositions on the same topic.
Now, leaving aside the case where there were different organic compositions of capital, we can see what happens.
Frequently these types of compositions are in groups, a group of centralized ones & then a group of linear ones.
To continue the musical metaphor, whereas the runner-up schemes are definitely compositions, this scheme is more like an improvization - with occasional wrong notes.
Much of this will be achieved through appropriate questioning, with occasional reference, preferably by demonstration, to lớn compositions by other composers who have sầu explored similar ideas.
Intonations and cadential gestures may differ from source to source, independently of the compositions they articulate.
The next step takes an even narrower focus: the investigation of the compositions considered worthy khổng lồ be included in the publication.
There were instances of students who could not shape a phrase in their performance, but who produced expressively shaped phrases in their compositions.




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