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a game by StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.
Platform: PC
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 34 votes
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Cuphead is an indie action-platformer game developed by StudioMDHR and was originally released in 2017 on the Xbox One & PC. This title blends beautiful cartoon graphics with addictive sầu and challenging gameplay to lớn produce a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Cuphead pits players against dozens of unique bosses that require immense skill khổng lồ defeat, but with enough practice, you"ll eventually earn the sweet taste of victory. Playable either or solo or with a frikết thúc, this tough-as-nails title can be frustrating, but those who endure through the difficulty will be rewarded with an immense amount of satisfaction. Through inventive sầu visuals và classic tried-and-true gameplay, Cuphead ends up being one of the best indie games of all time.

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Main trò chơi Features

Dozens of hand-drawn bosses and levelsFull game available for cooperative sầu playWeapon upgrades và open-ended cấp độ selection


Like many of the classic games that Cuphead pays homage to lớn, the story is very straightforward with a classic anh hùng versus villain story. One day, while living in the peaceful land of the Inkwell Isles, our hero Cuphead (và optionally, his brother Mugman) takes a trip to the Devil"s casino. Their luck improves throughout the night, with the pair earning excessive amounts of cash và riches. The Devil, noticing their greed, presents them a tantalizing bet. If Cuphead can make one final dice roll, he"ll win all the money he could ever want, but if he loses, the Devil will take possession of his soul. Unfortunately, the dice roll does not play out in Cupheads favor, forcing hyên to strike up a giảm giá khuyến mãi with the Devil to lớn save sầu his soul. In order to save sầu his soul, Cuphead will have sầu lớn travel across the Inkwell Isles, defeating bosses & preserving their souls for the Devil"s use. With his objective clear, Cuphead (& Mugman) head out on their adventure.


Cuphead is essentially an entire game of boss fights, with a few run and gun levels littered in for good measure. Controls are simple & straightforward, with most of the difficulty coming from the game"s tough stage layouts và boss patterns. There are two difficulties for each level, Regular và Simple, so if you"re struggling at all, there"s always an easier option. That said, you"ll need lớn finish every boss in the game on Regular mode in order lớn beat the game. Players can access trùm fights & stages in whatever order they see fit, as the game is broken up into lớn three sections of Inkwell Isle, with a new section opening up once you"ve completed enough bosses. There are a wide variety of cool bosses and settings, so each fight feels completely new and chất lượng.

While simply beating a trùm is an achievement in itself, the game has a ranking system that judges your performance in each battle. You"ll earn a rank based on how much health you have sầu left after the fight, how long the stage takes you, & several other factors. You earn coins as you progress through stages, which can be used khổng lồ unlochồng several fun alternative sầu weapons and power-ups. In addition khổng lồ the standard peashooter starting gun, you can unloông chồng charge, homing, lob-shot weapons, & much more. Despite these upgrades though, you"ll need plenty of skill if you want to lớn overcome the game"s exceptionally challenging stages.



Overall, Cuphead is one of the most satisfying action games of the past decade, with tons of imaginative sầu art thiết kế and gorgeous visuals. Fans of retro games like Mega Man và Super Mario World will appreciate the authentic challenge that Cuphead provides, although things can get frustrating at times. Whether you"re playing solo or cooperatively with a frikết thúc, Cuphead gives you the kind of tough-as-nails gaming experience that will make you feel like a god-người chơi when you succeed. If you think you have the skill required lớn defeat the Devil and save sầu Cuphead"s soul, give the game a try!


Gorgeous hand-drawn animationAddictive gameplayGreat sense of challenge và reward


Exceptionally frustrating at timesNot welcoming lớn new gamers