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the offices, departments, and groups of people that control a country, state, city, or other political unit:
an organization that officially manages and controls a country or region, creating laws, collecting taxes, providing public services, etc.:
This fiscal year would mark the third government surplus in a row for the first time in over 50 years.
government official/regulator/employee Global business leaders and government officials gathered in Spain Friday for a meeting aimed at breaking down remaining trade barriers.

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government agency/department Some government agencies have worked well together to combat terrorist financing.
to bring political parties together to make a government when none of them has received a large enough number of votes in an election to control the government:
the government of a particular country, especially the country you are in or the one you have already referred to:
State and local governments also have considerable regulatory authority over granting siting permits necessary for the operation of many types of facilities.
As a supplementary policy, the government permitted pricing based on costs for new health services, mainly high-technology services.
If there is a government policy that allows the decentralized economy to achieve the constrained planner"s allocation, then it is the optimal policy choice.
In theory, village development plans flow up through district and regional development committees to the central government.
The government needed professional and politically-minded staff to take on the planned political development of the country over the long haul.
Efforts to calculate the level of price support for rice required the government to elicit cost of production data from the agricultural associations.
Considered here is the simplest case, where government spending is purely dissipative and does not affect private utility.
In this early period, the government did not intervene in such activities as long as they retained a purely philanthropic goal.
Researchers could be misled by the publications of the first category because they were usually censored by the government to fit its propaganda purposes.
In the 1920s, the school was eager to distinguish itself from the government schools as a means of attracting more pupils.
It was first returned because it had been drafted by counsel; government could only be addressed by principals, not their agents.
The government"s objective function depends on whether it recognizes returns to all land, both cultivated and common, or returns only to common land.
This tendency was reinforced in 1939 when the government declared the gas supply a state-owned public monopoly.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với government.

The percentage of those that would accept an authoritarian government " under certain circumstances " has decreased.
When we eliminate high-clarity cases from our coalition government sample, we are left only with low-clarity coalition government cases (n 48).
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