Dead effect 2 on steam

August 3, 2020

We are proud to lớn celebrate our 6thanniversary of BadFly Interactive studio!

And as of the special occasion, we have sầu an amazingsurprise for you – a kiểm tra of our dream game FOR FREE to try on your hi-endmobile devices!

Search for TauCeti Technology Benchmark on your favorite store:

Google Play Store

App Store

https://apps.táo bị cắ

Enjoy và let us know what you think!


Your BFI

PF 2018

December 20, 2017


New dimension of terror with Dead Effect 2 VR, officially on STEAM

October 4, 2017


We are proud lớn announcethe official release of Dead Effect 2 VR,the lademo and greatest installment to lớn our critically acclaimed franchise,inviting players lớn experience a new dimension of terror! Having just completedBETA & Early Access, the gameoffers an action-packed Sci-Fi journey in glorious VR, promising lớn push theboundaries of first-person shooters with its improved levels, sliông xã visuals,rich narrative sầu, & RPG elements. The game is available for Điện thoại HTC Vive sầu & OculusRift and offers 15 hours of a single-player story chiến dịch, Co-op (up lớn 3players), và Multiplayer & PvP.. battles(up to lớn 8 players).

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Steam Store:


Press Kit:!de/presentation/

Find full log of edits,fixes, and changes HERE


September 22, 2017

We are proud lớn announce that Dead Effect 2 VR has been shortlisted for the 35th Golden Joystiông chồng Awards 2017. The game is one of the nominees in the Best VR Game category và thanks lớn YOUR VOTE it has a chance khổng lồ win.



ATTENTION - At the end of the list with categories, you have sầu khổng lồ SUBMIT your vote. Otherwise, your vote DOES NOT COUNT!

You can vote until November 3. The winners will be revealed on November 17.

Full Dead Effect 2 VR is LIVE, now in BETA

September 4, 2017

In Dead Effect 2 VR you can enjoy the full content, level cap has been raised khổng lồ the final đôi mươi, there are new story missions, more weapons and a lot more now.

Although the game comes in the BETA in all its glory, it is still too early khổng lồ celebrate. Until the last phase of testing shows how the game stands. Stay tuned. We are only one step away from the official full release on Steam!

See the full log of all changes, fixes, và additions HERE.

Dead Effect 2 VR is live sầu on Steam early access

June 8, 2017

Early Access for Dead Effect 2 VR has been released on Steam. If you have sầu Oculus Rift or HTC Vive sầu, you can download the game here.


Dead Effect 2 for PS4 and XBOX One has been released!

January 18, 2017

You can tải về PS4 version here và XBOX One here.

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Dead Effect 2 full version for PC và MAC has been released on Steam

May 6, 2016

Enjoy the game in single-player, co-op or PvPhường multiplayer. Original Soundtrachồng and Art book are included.

Dead Effect 2 full beta has been released on Steam

April 30, 2016

After two years of intense work, no holidays & gallons of coffee, the developer team of BadFly Interactive sầu is proud lớn announce that the full beta version of Dead Effect 2 is now available on Steam. The game now features the complete story, hours of special missions of 4 types (Biohazard, Survival, Infestation, Lone Wolf) và two multiplayer modes - cooperative (for 3 players) and player vs. player (for up lớn 8 players). As always, the players can equip their characters with unique upgradable weapons from the ever-growing arsenal, choose from the wide array of special abilities and collect gear sets in several rarity levels.

The full version of Dead Effect 2 will be published on Steam on May 6th, 2016.

Dead Effect 2 is live sầu on Steam early access

February 22, 2016

BadFly Interactive has launched the long-awaited PC version of their successful game, Dead Effect 2, on Steam Early Access. One of the most anticipated features is the cooperative sầu multiplayer mode, where the players can go through all game levels and special missions with the help of one or two other players. The studio will publish several updates khổng lồ the Early Access version, building up to the full release in May/June năm nhâm thìn.Dead Effect 2 was released with an initial discount of 20%, you can get it on Steam.


Major update for Dead Effect 2 coming soon

December 8, 2015

As a pre-Christmas treat, the developers of Dead Effect 2 will serve their fans a big portion of new content & items in a big update, planned to release in about a week. The update will bring not only bug and crash fixes, but also - và most importantly - a number of new levels & special missions, shiny new weapons và gear items in the store và additional hours of gory fun. The exact release date & contents of the update will be announced in the coming days.

Dead Effect 2 for PC & MAC is officially in the works!

November 19, 2015

BadFly Interactive sầu have just announced in the Steam forums that they are working on a desktop version of their award-winning sci-fi sequel. The developers want to endanh sách the help of their community in testing và tuning the early versions of the build, especially the cooperative sầu multiplayer mode, which will be included in the game right from the beginning. The exact date when the game will appear in Steam Early Access is yet khổng lồ be announced, but according khổng lồ the studio’s official announcement, it won’t take long.

October 28, 2015

Dead Effect 2 is now live sầu on Google Play và App Store. You can download a Press Kit here.