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Guests can request items such as yoga mats, guitars, cupcakes, sound pillows, hair diffusers and golf putters.
The installation was conducted using a diving team to lớn ensure optimal location of the diffusers within the river channel.
In time, he became known for his glamorous lighting, with diffusers và low-key lighting in night sequences.
Also, as a filter with external plumbing, it supports in-line installation of other aquarium equipment, such as water heaters và carbon dioxide diffusers.
In 1990, management added an extensive sầu phối of sound diffusers khổng lồ improve sầu the sound that the musicians heard on stage.
Fine bubble diffusers are typically the more cost-efficient diffusion method, however, plugging is typically a problem due to lớn sediment settling inkhổng lồ the smaller air holes.
When comparing disc-shaped diffusers, the majority fail lớn withstand specific challenges, beyond 1 or 2 years, which include: clogging, blowing off and cracking.
The car was said to feature one of the most extreme rear diffusers seen and also a ride height adjustment system.
Discharge khổng lồ the sea is via a 1,080 m undersea tunnel, with dispersal through one of 6 specially designed diffusers.
Both these systems utilize fine or medium bubble diffusers khổng lồ provide aeration và mixing lớn the process water.

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Front diffusers usually route air away from the car so that it doesn"t affect the rest of the underbody toàn thân.
Rear wings, rear diffusers và front spoilers were adjusted in wind tunnel in order to lớn make each body toàn thân style equal.
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