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Payday 2, a game that’s been out for six years & remains astoundingly popular, is getting more DLC. Publisher Starbreeze said it’s spooling up development once again, and that additional modules — both miễn phí và for-pay — are on the way. The news comes courtesy of Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark, who let fans know that development is going khổng lồ restart on Friday morning.

It’s good news, but it comes at a two-fold price. It will literally cost players money, & it will cost Starbreeze a bit of its reputation.

“We’re breaking the <...> promise of forever-free-content,” Nermark said in his letter. “The reasoning for this is plain & simple: We want khổng lồ move forward & make more of Payday 2, & khổng lồ bởi vì so we need your tư vấn lớn continue producing content. New DLCs will be a phối of paid and không tính tiền updates.”

Payday 2 has an interesting backstory. The multiplayer first-person heist simulator was initially released in 2013 with just a few scenartiện ích ios. The game grew significantly, with dozens of DLC packs và frequent updates that helped it earn a dedicated người base. As Nermark put it in his letter, Starbreeze thought that eventually Payday 2’s popularity would slow down và be replaced by a new Starbreeze game, but that never really happened. Cough.

As the game’s popularity grew, so did the ambition of its DLC. Payday 2 had tie-in content with other games lượt thích Hotline MiamiShadow Warriors 2. It even had big name movie giao dịch including the addition of characters from John Wick, the 2015 Point Break remake, Reservoir Dogs, và even Scarface. All this new nội dung helped the game continue to lớn grow, & kept players logging in every day. Even today, Payday 2 sits within the top 50 most played games on Steam.

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Payday 2 was joined by Payday 2: Ultimate Edition in 2017. That new version made the game more approachable to lớn new players, & it also included all that previous DLC. It also promised all future nội dung, saying that those who purchased it would “get everything Payday 2 in a package, until we release the next installment of Payday.” But that proved financially untenable.

Despite its popularity, development on the game’s nội dung was wound down in December of 2018, as Starbreeze faced financial troubles.

“Late 2018 Starbreeze found itself in an adễ thương liquidity shortfall. In December of 2018, Starbreeze entered inkhổng lồ ‘reconstruction’, a procedure similar khổng lồ the US version of Chapter 11,” Nermark says in his letter. Now, almost a year later, the company is afloat và Nermark says it’s time to look to lớn the future, which includes more Payday 2 DLC.

Now Starbreeze is adding Payday 2: Legacy Edition khổng lồ Steam. This version will still come with all past DLC available for Ultimate Edition, including everything that released up until the end of 2018, but will remove the promise of không tính phí future DLC.

The letter itself doesn’t include any clues as lớn what future DLC might look lượt thích, but there are a few spots that say Starbreeze will offer a sneak peek with the promise of a link that is “coming soon.” While it’s unclear when more Payday 2 content will show up, but the new Legacy Edition of the game is available on Steam now.

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