Endless Spaceâ® 2


Sea Realm --“Box of Souls” An ancient Arabic scripture, also known as the “book of the dead”found by a Siberian adventurer in the tundras.

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It prophesies inside the box, there locks another universal called the ghost dimension. When the sea rages with the northern stars shining brightly it drags all living souls surrounding it inkhổng lồ the dimension.

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Inside there are cryptic clues inkhổng lồ the labyrinth. Here lies your adventure.Realm of Soul - Gradually, the world is blurred by green gas. Look up, 32 immense stars are locked by a huge chain crossing space and time. The chain tremble and growl against every star that twinkle. In this blurred world, how to get to the megalithic palace…


Pure Decking Building Game

Rigorous card kiến thiết, creative combination, in-depth strategyCustomize your own combination through practiceImmersive sầu game environment with exciting battles with monstersMake each decisions wisely!

Custom card combination

There are a variety of cards to build your deông xã (Attaông chồng, Skill, Curse, Summon, Resources)Unlimited use lớn attacks, relics lớn make your hero more và more powerful through game progressionCombine cards in your deông chồng for limitless combos!

Varied strategic elements

More than 12 different combinations of set strategies, you can also discover your own.Sumtháng your own minions through 2x3 chess positioningNeed more power? Maximize your team and try out different combinations!

Very re-playable

Each adventures are randomly generated, making each play through a fresh adventure with a incremental difficulty system making each play through a new challenge as well! Think twice or the results can be fatal.

Distinctive sầu NPC

Each monsters has their own quality skill-mix, don’t let your guard down! Choose your deông chồng build carefully.
In each of your play through, you will encounter, normal, elite, và boss challenges, making it a stimulating và enjoyable rogue-lượt thích strategy card game.