Rtf file: what is a

Chances are that you"ve come across a file or two with the .rtf extension. If you"ve ever wondered what kind of tệp tin that is, và how the heông xã you even open it, you"re not alone.

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In this article we"ll cover what an RTF tệp tin is và how to open, edit, & convert them khổng lồ different formats you might be more familiar with.

What"s the RTF format?

RTF stands for Rich Text Format, and was first developed by Microsoft in 1987.

The RTF format was originally developed to make it easier to work with text documents no matter what word processor or operating system you use.

Though Microsoft stopped maintaining the format bachồng in 2008, it was widely adopted. These days, most modern operating systems have sầu some way of opening RTF files straight out of the box.

How to open & edit an RTF file

To open a Rich Text Format file, first try double clicking on it if you"re on desktop or tapping it if on a thiết bị di động device.

Desktop and online word processors

Most desktop operating systems come with software that"s capable of opening RTF files like WordPad on Windows or TextEdit on macOS.

Many Linux distributions include an office suite lượt thích LibreOffice that can open RTF files. If yours doesn"t, you can install it through the command line or go to lớn https://www.libreoffice.org/ lớn tải về the package directly.

Also, most online word processors can open RTF files. Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, và Office Online are among mỏi the most popular online word processors, và all are capable of opening files with the .rtf extension.

Once you open up an RTF tệp tin using one of the above sầu methods, you can edit the tệp tin lượt thích you would any other text file:

Sample RTF tệp tin open in LibreOffice Writer on Linux

How khổng lồ open an RTF file with a different program

If you"d lượt thích to open a different program, just right clichồng on the file & hover over "mở cửa with". Then, just select the program you"d like to open the tệp tin with:

Opening an RTF file with a different program in Linux Mint

Note: This process may vary slightly depending on your operating system.

mobile word processors

Mobile devices might have sầu a little more trouble opening RTF files out of the box. Still, there are many options like Google Docs or WPS Office for both Android và iOS.

Once you find a sản phẩm điện thoại word processor that you"re comfortable with, there"s a good chance that it can open & edit RTF files.

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Sample RTF tệp tin open in Google Docs on Android

How to lớn convert an RTF tệp tin into a different format

The exact method of converting an RTF tệp tin varies depending on the software you use to open it. Still, the process is generally similar no matter what word processor you use.

Here"s how khổng lồ convert an RTF file inlớn a different format in LibreOffice Writer.

Step 1: Select "Save sầu As"

With the tệp tin open in LibreOffice Writer as described above sầu, click "File", then select "Save sầu As..." from the dropdown:

"Save As..." in LibreOffice Writer

Step 2: Select a location

In the "Save" popup menu, select a location to lớn save sầu your new file.

You can also take this chance to lớn rename the tệp tin lớn something new if you"d like:

The "Save" popup menu in LibreOffice Writer

I opted khổng lồ save the file lớn my desktop, but feel free khổng lồ save sầu it wherever you"d lượt thích.

Note: This menu may look different depending on your operating system.

Step 3: Select a new tệp tin format

Now the fun part – choosing the different format you"ll save the tệp tin in.

mở cửa the dropdown menu in the lower right corner & select another format:

The file format dropdown thực đơn in LibreOffice Writer

After that, just cliông chồng save sầu "Save". Your new tệp tin in a different format will be in the location you specified. Better yet, your original RTF file will still be wherever you opened it, completely unchanged.

Now all you need khổng lồ vì chưng is to lớn open up your new file và continue editing it.

But keep in mind that not every file format is as universal as RTF. If you chia sẻ your new file with someone & they have trouble opening it, you may need lớn convert it to lớn something else.

Even so, now that you know the process, it should be easy khổng lồ convert your files inkhổng lồ a format that you và anyone else can work with.

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