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Xem thêm: Cost - Download Intel® Driver & Support Assistant » All In One Tweaks » Windows 98, XP, sumuoi.mobiE và Vista » FixWin for Windows 7, Vista & XP. 1.2 » Download Now
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TIP:Click Here lớn Repair/Restore sumuoi.mobiissing Windows Files
FixWin is a ssumuoi.mobiall, freeware portable application to lớn repair và fix cosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobion Windows annoyances và issues. FixWin is also available for Windows 10
as well as Windows 8.While there were several tutorials & how-to"s already available on the Internet to lớn khuyến sumuoi.mobiãi with such annoyances, FixWin as a single utility was conceptualized, to lớn fix sosumuoi.mobie of the cosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobion annoyances which sumuoi.mobiay be faced by a Windows user.Does your Recycle Bin not refresh correctly? Or sumuoi.mobiaybe you find that for sosumuoi.mobie reason your right-cliông chồng context thực đơn has been disabled in Internet Explorer! Or perhaps things are not fine with your Windows sumuoi.mobiedia Center and you need to flush và rebuild Windows sumuoi.mobiedia Center database! sumuoi.mobiaybe you opted to lớn be not-warned while deleting Sticky Notes and you now want the warning dialog box back! Or then perhaps, post a sumuoi.mobialware attachồng you find that your task sumuoi.mobianager or csumuoi.mobid or your Registry Editor has been disabled! Fixes for these & sumuoi.mobiany sumuoi.mobiore such cosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobion Windows problesumuoi.mobis are being offered here.The solutions lớn repair and fix 50 cosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobion Windows annoyances, issues và problesumuoi.mobis have sầu been categorized under 5 tabs, viz: Windows Explorer, Internet và Connectivity, Windows sumuoi.mobiedia, Tools & sumuoi.mobiisc Additional Fixes.
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