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Officials say regulations are meant to lớn curb video clip game addiction, which they blame for a rise in nearsightedness and poor academic performance.

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Gamers at an internet cafe in Fuyang, Đài Loan Trung Quốc. The state-run truyền thông has likened some đoạn phim games to lớn “poison.” Credit...Reuters

BEIJING — No playing video games after 10 p.m. No more than 90 minutes of gaming on weekdays. Want add-ons like virtual weapons and costumes? Keep it to lớn $57 a month.

The Chinese government has released new rules aimed at curbing đoạn Clip game addiction among mỏi young people, a problem that top officials believe sầu is lớn blame for a rise in nearsightedness and poor academic performance across a broad swath of society.

The regulations, announced by the National Press & Publication Administration on Tuesday, ban users younger than 18 from playing games between 10 p.m. và 8 a.m. They are not permitted to lớn play more than 90 minutes on weekdays & three hours on weekends và holidays.

The limits are the government’s lakiểm tra attempt khổng lồ rein in China’s online gaming industry, one of the world’s largest, which generates more than $33 billion in annual revenue and draws hundreds of millions of users.

Under President Xi Jinping, officials in Đài Loan Trung Quốc have sầu taken a more forceful approach in regulating large giải pháp công nghệ companies and pushing them to lớn help spread cultural values advanced by the ruling Communist Party.

Video games have sầu become a popular target. The state-run truyền thông media has likened some games khổng lồ “poison,” & the government has blocked sales of some titles on the grounds that they are too violent.

Mr. Xi spoke publicly last year about the scourge of poor eyesight among mỏi children, putting more pressure on officials lớn act.

The National Press và Publication Administration said that minors would be required lớn use real names and identification numbers when they logged on to lớn play. The rules also limit how much young people can spkết thúc on purchases made through apps, lượt thích virtual weapons, clothes và pets. Those purchases are now capped at $28 lớn $57 a month, depending on age.

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Chinese officials said the regulations were meant lớn combat addiction.

“These problems affect the physical & mental health of minors, as well as their normal learning và living,” the National Press & Publication Administration said in a statement that was published by Xinhua, the official news agency.

Young gamers are also likely to lớn find ways around the regulations, such as using a parent’s phone and identification number.

“There are always going to lớn be loopholes,” said Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, a retìm kiếm và consulting firm.

But Mr. Ahmad added that Trung Quốc was now one of the most heavily regulated Clip game markets in the world, and that technology companies in the country và abroad would be forced khổng lồ follow the government’s policy announcements more closely.

“I think compared khổng lồ the West, it’s very extreme,” he said. “Publishers và developers need to be very aware of the content of the games they are developing for the market.”

In a sign of the growing global importance of the Chinese gaming market, Activision Blizzard, an American company, recently suspended an e-sports player who had voiced tư vấn for antigovernment demonstrations in Hong Kong during a live sầu broadcast, a move that was seen as a concession to Beijing.

The rules were greeted skeptically by some parents & gamers.

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Yang Bingben, 35, the owner of an industrial giải pháp công nghệ firm in eastern China, said he worried that many children would still find ways lớn play đoạn phim games. For example, he noted that his 7-year-old son often played games that did not require an mạng internet connection và were difficult lớn regulate.

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