I say that because this game uses the same tactics as other developers to fool its users into playing the game for money.

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They try to lead you to believe sầu that by popping different coloured animals, you can withdraw amounts such as $200.

I have tried many apps like this one, which even includes another made by the same people that operate in the same fashion.

So in this đánh giá, I will explain what the owners are plotting here with this game and whether you can benefit in any way or cash out by playing this game.

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Owl PopStar Blast App nhận xét Summary

Owner: BigBang PopstarWhat Are They?: Block Blasting GameMy Worth It Rating: 2/5


What Is Owl PopStar Blast?

Owl PopStar Blast is a game where you blast owl bubbles to earn amounts of cash và storm through the levels they have sầu created.

The people behind it are called the BigBang Team, which ring a bell for me because I reviewed a game from them around last Christmas.

That one was called BigBang Popstar. It is lượt thích this one, apart from the fact it’s just normal bubbles you’re popping & not animal ones like you have sầu with this game.

They also have the same sound effects as a game called Crazy Popstar. While it has a different developer in charge of it, it has some suspiciously identical characteristics.

What is more important is not how the game plays but the comtháng similarities between earning opportunities.

The last game, which even managed lớn reach one million installs, gave you PayPal cards lớn complete each màn chơi.

While this one kind of does the same, by having an in-game currency where you can convert it for what looks to lớn be redeemable cash amounts.

I have seen many đánh giá for Owl PopStar blast in the past seven days, as it seems lớn be the new game to lớn play to earn money.

They have been on the market for two weeks, but with 100k installs already stamping their authority.

How Does Owl PopStar Blast Work?

It does make a change to lớn have sầu a game in Owl PopStar that feels rewarding lớn play.

I don’t mean in the way of earning money, as you will find they don’t deliver in that department.

However, gameplay và looks-wise, everything is quite smooth.

To the point where you could see this game doing well if there were no silly cash elements present within the game.

Developers tkết thúc to ruin their games by putting withdrawable functions in their app & endless pop-ups saying you have sầu earned x amount.

Some of the time, the game would vì perfectly fine without this in the game.

Now playing the game, you are just popping bubbles.

These bubbles happen to be different coloured owls.

When you pop a colour, all the ones that are the same & are next to them will vanish.

The game is broken down into stages, with you starting on màn chơi 1 & then once you have sầu removed all the owls allowing you to lớn move on to cấp độ 2.


At the bottom of the screen, as you can see in the image above sầu, you have four power-ups.

These help you out if you have a few owls spare that you couldn’t get rid of.

How To Earn Money With Owl PopStar Blast?

Each stage that is finished is a stage for users to lớn get a cash bonus.

For most users, they care more about, instead of the satisfaction of making progress with Owl PopStar Blast.

However, with the need khổng lồ make money, and this developer, in particular, giving you lots of money per level, you can hardly blame them.

Now depending on which version you have, as you could have sầu one where you only get coins instead of money, you should see some a cash balance.

This will be showing in the right top hand corner and will update every time you collect money.

You will be given money for completing a stage. That is the first way.

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But they also have an incentive sầu for you, where if you reveal 4 owls in a box, you can earn bonus money.

As you can see by the screenshot below, two of them have cash while the others have standard coins.



How Do They Pay?

BigBang Popstar and their team love sầu even numbers that are in their hundreds.

They have sầu big rewards, consisting of $200, $400, $600, $800 và $1000 amounts.


You can try your best to build-up to the amounts above sầu from playing the game to lớn redeem them.

I must warn you there may be some banamãng cầu skins in front for those who are genuinely trying to withdraw.

The last game I tested from this developer made it so that the more you play, the less you are rewarded.

You may get a good chunk of money, khổng lồ begin with, making it easy for you khổng lồ get to lớn $100 fairly fast.

However, once you get anywhere near $200, you might find the rate at which you are rewarded is lessening.

Some developers don’t care about you reaching thresholds, while others vị.

Not that it really matters from my experience, since I am yet to find a game that pays three figures genuinely for playing games.

It’s for that reason that I wouldn’t recommover you try it out yourself to find out, as personally, I think it’s a waste of time.


What Are People Saying About Owl PopStar Blast?

The problem with Owl PopStar is that the owners are smart enough to lớn shut down their comments section.

Do they bởi vì this by putting their game in early access, stopping anyone from sharing their experiences or thoughts on the game.

Luckily there is another way around this khổng lồ see how people are getting on with this game.

After releasing my last Review for Big Bang PopStar, I had a few game users express their frustration.

So while I can’t find any feedbaông xã on Owl PopStar, I can refer back khổng lồ another game made by the same people.

All the people to leave sầu a bình luận on that post said how they played the game và collected the money fine.

However, after putting a withdrawal request in, they have heard nothing baông xã from the owners.

No money is being sent, và users are being left confused for months after playing, wondering what’s taking so long.

The clear answer on why this is happening is simply the developers are talking a lot of waffle & have sầu no plan lớn pay anyone genuinely.

They have found a loophole, which you have sầu to lớn say fair play lớn them, but because of that 100’s of thousands of people will be really disappointed.



I still rethành viên reviewing the owners of Owl Popstar Blast’s other game and having the same thoughts.

Both are decent enough games that most people will have fun with.

However, they are each ruined by not only earning opportunities but people playing, only khổng lồ be frustrated at no rewards being given out.

Now I can tell you right now that no matter which game you try & play, you will find it almost impossible lớn earn with.

Since these people have sầu no plan on giving out, people will continue to lớn play their games until they realise that it isn’t a genuine opportunity to build an income.

This is why I recommkết thúc you khổng lồ play this game only khổng lồ have fun blasting animal blocks but not khổng lồ redeem money.

If you are on that hunt for real ways to earn cash from your phone, here is a các mục of recommended apps that you can’t go wrong with.

Finishing Off

I hope this Owl PopStar Blast tiện ích đánh giá gave you the answers to lớn your questions.

If you vì have anything else to ask me that I may not have sầu covered, bởi vì let me know below