26 best tennis games for pc windows

Tennis games are all-time favorites và if you love playing tennis online or searching for the page đầu tennis games for PC, then this is the right place for you. Here, we will discuss some good tennis games for kids and pro players.

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The danh sách will also include the tennis games for beginners as well as for those who have sầu become pro players and you can even tải về these tennis games for PC online.

Playing tennis on a PC is so much fun & full of energy because these games rejuvenate and stimulate your mind & there is no special requirement for playing them because if you have sầu a PC with a decent configuration then these tennis games would run smoothly.

If you have been watching tennis games live sầu then it is for sure that these players would also tempt you lớn play tennis but it might or might not be possible for you to lớn play right away. So, the best thing you can vì chưng is open your PC & tìm kiếm for tennis games Livestream in the tìm kiếm engine & see there are many paid as well as free websites that offer không tính tiền live sầu streaming lượt thích tennistv.com. livetennis.com, hotstar.com, etc.

Another thing you can vì chưng is play tennis games on your PC as there are lots of tennis games for PC users that are available online.

List of trang nhất tennis games for PC

Top Spin 4Mario TennisVirtua Tennis 3Tennis Master series 2003AO International TennisGreat Courts 2Actua TennisFila World Tour TennisTennis AnticsNext Generation Tennis

Top Spin 4


It is another tennis game for PC which is developed by Camelot Software Planning & completely safe and secure to lớn run on your computer without any hassle. It was launched in 2000 in North America & nhật bản than in other parts of the World.

Basically, it was the first tennis game that featured Mario and it is quite a simple game because you can play this tennis game for PC by using the A and B buttons of the keyboard.

Step 1: mở cửa any browser like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc. & click here lớn tải về the .rar file

Step 2: unrar the Mario Tennis file

Step 3: Use the registration key và install it

Step 4: Congratulations! Your game is ready for playing

Virtua Tennis 3


This is the updated version of the previous game as its many features were enhanced with some tweaking in graphics và enhanced AI. It was developed by Microids development studio and lets the PC tennis game players thử nghiệm their skills. You get 10 different courts to lớn play tennis which definitely gives you a new experience each time you play this game.

The three different game modes, series championship, exhibition & multiplayer playing options with complete stats of game plays about the score, gameplays, player profiles, etc. with AI keeps it ahead of many other online tennis games.

It is quite a lightweight version that supports PCs with normal RAM và configuration.

In this version, there is no problem with the controls and it runs smoothly without any hassle.

It can run on any PC which has Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 operating system installed along with Pentium 3, 500 GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 500MB không tính tiền hard drive, 32MB đoạn phim memory, Direct X compatible sound card, a keyboard and mouse.

To tải về Tennis series 3 games for FREE! All you have sầu to bởi vì is cliông chồng here và download the WinRAR file then save sầu it on your PC. After saving the file just unzip it & start playing the game.

AO International Tennis


This tennis game was developed by the German Company, Blue Byte which successfully entered the game market with this game. Its first version was first released in 1989 and it is aước ao the first tennis games for PC.

It has multiple control methods that let you play it with the help of a mouse, keyboard và joystiông chồng. Hence, you can choose any method khổng lồ play this tennis game.

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You can take training lượt thích professional players with the help of 6 different programs. Furthermore, you can even play with another player on the same PC.

Its advanced AI và graphic nâng cấp take you lớn the next cấp độ of game playing và you would enjoy this game very much.

There are different levels of difficulty that you can choose to lớn play. However, you get to play with other players on the same computer with the help of a split-screen and by choosing the different game modes for single & multiple players.

To download and install Great Courts 2 you can clichồng here.

Actua Tennis


This is one of the most popular tennis games for beginners và has been able khổng lồ maintain the top position aao ước tennis games today.

So, there is no need khổng lồ search for tennis games live sầu on the internet as you can instantly tải về this amazing game và start playing.

This tennis game for beginners can be played with multiple players online and offline with the help of an mạng internet connection.

It was developed by Hokus Pokus & THQ Inc. is the publisher. It had four different game modes including Arcade, Challenge, Career & Multiplayer. There are about 80 motions of the tennis players that have sầu been captured to lớn give sầu a realistic tennis playing experience.

Furthermore, it can be played with up lớn 40 players and has 32 stadiums to choose from. The multiplayer mode supports one lớn four players và as a reward, you get the lakiểm tra FILA sports gear.To download and install Fila World Tennis you can cliông chồng here.

Tennis Antics

This game is the second edition of tennis which was called Rol& Garros 2001. In this game, the players can participate in the US xuất hiện Grand Slam and Garros French xuất hiện tournaments.

It was developed by Carapace and published by Wanadoo official website và this tennis game provides single-player và multiplayer options with up khổng lồ four players.

The other positives of this tennis game are that you can choose different types of shots & also select your favorite star among mỏi the 6 male and 4 female players.

Furthermore, there are 17 different courts và several carrier options that a player can build.

To install the next generation 3 tennis game you can cliông xã here. 

So, these are the trang đầu tennis games for PC that you can tải về và install almost instantly without facing any problems. Still, if you have any queries you can mail us directly & we would try to solve sầu your queries và provide the best solutions.

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