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As already told you in the entry about my most anticipated games of 2015, H1Z1 King of the Kill crack headed the top, since it was the game that most wanted khổng lồ try; still to be at the beginning of the year, I bet for this title from Sony as “the ultimate zombie survival”, but with some misgivings that, unfortunately, have sầu been met.To start H1Z1 King of the Kill the 15th day of the month of January was launched, but most of the players could not access the game until the next day, since the servers were dropped; I imagine that the overload of people trying to enter, which was similar to lớn a brutal attachồng on their servers & end up lying lớn them.I could enter the next morning, at about 12 noon và I was testing it awhile.

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In fact, I leave my first video clip if you want to take a look.Although it is not an analysis as such, but a gameplay use, in which you can find see the general atmosphere of the game, và the cấp độ of development in which it is located.To start I’ll be clear: if I did not have sầu a youtube channel, he would have sầu not bought it and I would have expected khổng lồ be không tính phí lớn play. That said, can you imagine what my recommendation in this regard, no? But let’s look a little game:If you are looking for is a game with great graphics forget immediately H1Z1 King of the Kill now at graphic cấp độ does not offer any novelty, moreover, can be perfectly khổng lồ the level of a game that has a couple of years.

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Most of the geometries are images và drawings without polygons, this is a resource that is often used by the developers in order khổng lồ reduce the requirements to lớn run the game, và for that khổng lồ work more fluidly, but this title is not justified why?It is not a game that ask few technical requirements precisely, since as at least need an i3 processor 6 Gb RAM so you can move sầu the game with all the graphic options at lows, although since Sony recommend us that we have at least an i7 processor.I put a separate section, & not included in graphics, because really when modeling 3 chiều lights put aside, since they are very important to lớn give sầu realism to the scene. And at this point I don’t have much complaint, it must be said that it is a dark và rainy game, but with lights that help khổng lồ improve the graphic appearance.If the lights are important sound not is baông chồng in a video clip game, since they are the two pillars on which rests a good atmosphere, and I have sầu to say that the sound aspect of H1Z1 King of the Kill Download is fantastic, khổng lồ me at least I enjoyed. It is true that there are things to Polish, for example steps are heard very strong, but aim very well in this regard.PVE: Player versus environment, in which other players vì not imply any risk since even though you try to not can hurt us, can however die hvà of zombies, animals and of course hunger or thirst.PVP: In addition to all the above sầu risks, you must be careful with the other players that, today, are the real danger of the game.BattleRoyale: It’s the classic “all against all”.