Heroes Of Might And Magic 6 Download Torrent Free On Pc

For fans of turn-based strategy in the virtual world, another part has been released Heroes of Might và Magic 6, download torrent addictive sầu PC games are available today. The Hungarian company Blaông chồng Hole Entertainment has developed for gamers another continuation of the history of computer battles in the fantasy world. Gamers warmly greeted và highly appreciated the sixth part of the Heroes of Might và Magic series.

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Description Heroes of Might and Magic 6

The actions of the game rewind the story about four hundred years earlier than the events of the fifth part, when Kha-Belek comes lớn power. The archangel Michael, who was killed during the Wars of the Ancients, is resurrected; he is trying with all his might and methods khổng lồ seize Ashan. It is not so easy to lớn destroy your old enemies, the human dynasty of Griffins turns out lớn be stronger than he expected.

The plot of the game is so exciting that it allows you to lớn completely plunge into lớn the game intrigues with your head. The sixth part tells the story of the legendary family of Family Guy before he received the imperial power. Gamers are waiting for an exciting battle with demons & a war with archangels.

The screen interface is a strategic virtual maps that allows you to look at the đô thị from above. By clicking the mouse buttons you can control the process và perform the necessary actions.

The game consists of seven playing days, as in the previous parts. Each new week allows you to reduce or add the number of creatures. With the complete destruction of all opponents và the capture of all castles, the anh hùng is awarded the win. Download Heroes of Might and Magic 6 via torrent and explore a fascinating and intriguing world of mysterious creatures.

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Features Heroes of Might & Magic 6 tải về via torrent

Competitions involve sầu a maps, battle and đô thị. You no longer need lớn solve the mystery of the obelisk riddle và look for treasures, it is enough lớn collect all four shards in the inventory of one of the characters. Now each anh hùng can move to the nearest castle và another đô thị. The system of caravans with units was removed from the sixth part.

The game is dedicated lớn such heroes of the factions:

good (Alliance of Light & Sanctuary);neutral (Unconquered tribes);evil (Inferno, Necropolis).

This part continues the storyline implemented in the previous five sầu. Other arrangements & new music have been added to the well-known melodies.

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trò chơi info

Year:2011Genre:RPG, StrategyDeveloper:BlackholeVersion:2.1.1 Full (Last) + All Add-ons (DLC)Interface language:English,RussianTablet:Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system:Windows XP.., Vista, Xnumx, Xnumx, XnumxProcessor:Intel Pentium bộ vi xử lý Core 2 Duo 2.0 GhzMemory:1GbVideo card:512MB video clip memoryHard Drive sầu Memory:8Gb