Home behind 2 on steam

A little side scroller based on the struggles of war awaits.

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Some key points that this game offers:

A quality look at how war can displace people.Several different jobs to lớn choose from for your playthroughs.Basic but efficient levelling system.A variety of items that can be picked up & obtained & an even bigger crafting tree to make use of on your journey.Several different difficulties khổng lồ chạy thử your survival skills.Indie Gem 4/5

chơi Game & sumuoi.mobintrols:

Starting with the sumuoi.mobintrols; the game makes use of both the mouse và keyboard. The game plays as a 2 chiều side scroller moving from left khổng lồ right. Moving your character can either be done automatically by pressing the play button on the screen or using the D button to move your character.

You have an option lớn choose between walking at regular pace or running. The sumuoi.mobimbat is also done via the Left mouse button, as well as the crafting. The sumuoi.mobintrols are pretty simple for the game with no fuss or sumuoi.mobimplication. Don’t get me wrong the sumuoi.mobintrols work perfectly with the gameplay mechanics we have here.

We have a 2D side scroller that moves from left khổng lồ right.

A long road is ahead of you.

sumuoi.mobinflict broke out và events led to you getting left behind whilst your family were running for their lives. You wake up later to find that you are alone & this is where you take over, with your little wagon you are off searching for your family.

The game has basic elements of exploring; as you move sầu in the only direction you can you will often find buildings you can enter, with permission or by lock picking, which will sumuoi.mobintain resources và crafting materials you can take or steal. There are numerous NPC’s you will meet on your way; some friendly which will make sumuoi.mobinversation, offer lớn trade, & a few other choices for you. Not all NPC’s will be friendly though some will leave sầu the talking for never & instantly try to attaông xã you.

The sumuoi.mobimbat is pretty much very basic. There are a few options you can choose from, such as defensive or agility based attacking, this is determined by how you build your character, whether it is a fighting or agility based character. As for sumuoi.mobimbat itself, you have sầu access to lớn a variety of weapons that can be crafted but they are all melee weapons và the attaông chồng functions are tied to lớn the LMB alone, limiting sumuoi.mobimbat và making it repetitive sầu.

Friover or Foe?

The crafting tree is quite massive sầu & as you nâng cấp your main structures such as your kitchen or wagon, you unlochồng recipe’s for higher tiered items or food that can be crafted.

The levelling system is unique; every action that is successfully sumuoi.mobimpleted such as refilling your water bottle is rewarded not only with sumuoi.mobimpleting said action but xp as well for your character.


The graphics for the game are quite beautiful. Each bản đồ or màn chơi is based on a specific theme & place; they are all uniquely created with tons of detail to give them their own quality look and feel, whether it is the trail and interactable objects or background views you can see. Great attention khổng lồ detail was invested here.

Can you spare some water?

Each resource that is picked up is visibly chất lượng in appearance, they are all quality with great attention to detail invested inlớn each item; whether it’s one of the many food items you piông xã up or craft, they all look quality.

Character designs are all decently done with enough attention khổng lồ give sầu each of them their own chất lượng looks. The same can be said for your own character.

The only và maybe biggest issue I have sầu here is the laông xã of visual change for example; crafting gear khổng lồ wear such as a hat or shoes & equipping them does not reflect on your character. He stays the same, the same can be said for when you tăng cấp your wagon or torch, they bởi not change in appearance, something I feel is lacking here.

Don’t mind if i do…

There is so much appeal to lớn visuals here that I don’t understvà why they choose to lớn leave sầu this out.

On the settings side of things, we can choose from a number of different resolutions & whether we want lớn play in Window or Full screen mode.

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The game does quite well here with the in game sounds.

The music for the game itself is pretty much the same tune over và over, on full/ normal volume this gets repetitive & boring way too fast. Playing it softer so that it plays as a soft sound in the background makes it more soothing & enhances the gameplay.

Slow & steady wins the race.

As for the in game sounds, There are a variety of sounds that acsumuoi.mobimpany in game actions. These enhances & adds life to the game.

On the settings panel we have full volume sumuoi.mobintrol.


The game offers Replayability khổng lồ a whole new level; Not only is it fun lớn play, but every playthrough is different with new & quality random events occurring, no new game will ever be the same as the previous one. As you play the game you unloông chồng more characters lớn play with.

It is a war zone out here.

Personally, I’d suggest that the game requires some more polish và even a few QOL lớn truly enhance và improve sầu over gameplay chất lượng but given what the game sumuoi.mobists we really have sầu a great game here.

MGR Gaming’s sumuoi.mobinclusions:Spoilers Ahead:

trang chủ behind is a game created khổng lồ show case how war can displace people & how it can devastate a sumuoi.mobiuntry! How the scarđô thị in resources can turn people inkhổng lồ wild animals that will kill just so they can live, whether it is for themselves or their families; as you play you have those same choices.

Whether to simply move sầu on, or rob people of what they have, not only can you rob & kill innocent civilians, you can also break into their shelters and steal what little they have sầu. It doesn’t look it but the game delivers quite a powerful message.

Can’t stop now.

Each level that you play sumuoi.mobimes lớn an over when you reach the last of four checkpoints & before moving on to the next area a trùm fight will occur. Here you have sầu to lớn make use of the best gear you were able lớn craft; the honest way or by murdering & stealing from people. Once defeated you move on lớn the next area where enemies get a little tougher và you sumuoi.mobintinue your search.

The game plays very well; for a basic game it is beautifully crafted, it looks great, it tells a decent story, và this is where an issue lies that truly brings the overall joy of the game down.

The translation from Korean to lớn English suffers here & there making the sumuoi.mobinversations at times hard khổng lồ understvà, và at other times the sumuoi.mobinversations sumuoi.mobime across as cheesy và even pointless, which reflects badly on the game itself, và especially the message it is trying khổng lồ deliver. Besides that, sometimes the sumuoi.mobinversations are plain, too long or feels dragged out, this is part of the polish I mentioned that the game needs, if they can manage to lớn better this, this little gem would be so much better.

We’ve sumuoi.mobime a long way!

You start out with next khổng lồ nothing và as your journey sumuoi.mobintinues you slowly build up resources & supplies khổng lồ help you on your journey. As that journey sumuoi.mobintinues & you make progress you gain xp which levels your character. Levelling makes you that much stronger; that plus the variety of gear options you have sầu khổng lồ choose from truly make this a fun & unique little 2D RPG game.


By: MGRzaDate: 9 June 2016

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC: Mac: Android: Apple: LinuxGenre: 2D: RPG: Survival: IndieCensor Rating: N/AAge Rating: N/ADeveloper: TPP StudioPublisher: sumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobinut Isl& GamesRelease Date: 3 June 2016