Idm is corrupted virus

What Is IDM?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a download accelerator và tệp tin organizer that manages the tải về of many types of files from the Internet.

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Has IDM ever not been able to lớn complete a tải về perfectly? Maybe it's stalled at 99% or a number very cthua to 100% & stops downloading altogether. Then, instead of the file you wanted, you get a totally corrupted download that you can't use.

IDM works by dividing the tệp tin into between two and ten parts in order to accelerate the tải về. At the over of the download, IDM combines all the tệp tin parts into lớn one tệp tin. Sometimes, one of the file pieces was corrupted, in which case IDM could not merge the file and complete the tải về.

This can be especially frustrating when you're downloading large files with a slow connection. You wait for what seems lượt thích forever for your download, & then it gets stuck right when it was about to finish, and you can't start it baông chồng from the beginning.

Luckily, I have sầu a solution to lớn this problem that I worked out a couple of years ago that's still working well. I'll also include some other solutions to comtháng problems.

A quichồng question about IDM

Download Stopped Downloading và Froze at 99%

How khổng lồ Continue Downloading

You only need this two things to lớn implement my solution:

Your system needs lớn have the capability khổng lồ resume tải về, which means that if you fully stop downloading, the VPS should be able lớn tư vấn it so it can start it back at the point where it was stopped.

IDM Temporary Location


Internet Download Manager

The Step-by-Step

Part One

Go lớn the IDM temporary tệp tin location, where IDM stores the tệp tin parts before completing the downloadLook for and select "Options" in the IDM Toolbar.Then, find and select the option to "save to" và tìm kiếm for "temporary directory" (see image above).Copy the address. For example: C:Users ixproAppDataRoamingIDMDwnlData

Side note: You should see a lot of files in IDM temporary tệp tin directory, which have sầu not completed the download through IDM.

Part Two

Find the thư mục of the corrupted tệp tin (the one that failed khổng lồ tải về completely). For example, if you're downloading a file named Ironman3_fullHD, there should be a folder with a name very similar khổng lồ the one that you're downloading.You can find the folder by searching for the file name và then opening it. Sorting the files by file size or date may also help you to find the folder.

Part Three

Once you open the tệp tin, you'll see it's been divided inlớn different parts, usually between two and fifteen.Not all of these files are corrupted, và you will be able khổng lồ combine some of them.Minimize this window and start your tải về again.You should be able to lớn see the IDM tải về progress bar indicate the combination of parts that are not corrupted. However, you still won't be able lớn complete this because there are still corrupted tệp tin parts left.Cthua the tải về and maximize the IDM temporary directory.Now you should see that some parts are now combined & there are only two or three files. These are the ones that can't combine at the kết thúc because the file is corrupted.

Side note: The log tệp tin is not important since it is not a part of the tải về. You can delete it.

Part Four

Now you have lớn use the tệp tin splitter & joiner to lớn remove the corrupted kết thúc from the tệp tin parts. I'm not going lớn explain much about how to use the file splitter và joiner because the software is usually very easy khổng lồ use. You can always Google it!xuất hiện one file part with the software và split it so that one part contains 250 - 500 KB. For example, if your chosen tệp tin part is 10 MB, use the tệp tin splitter & joiner lớn split it into lớn 20 parts so that each one will be 500 KB. Don't forget to delete the original file part. Now you have 20 parts with name extensions lượt thích filename.001, filename .002, filename.003 <...> filename.020When you reach this point, delete the filename.0đôi mươi (which is the corrupted end), and join the other 19 parts baông chồng together again using the software. You can also use the software settings so that the other file parts are deleted after you combine them again.Do this for the remaining parts, also removing their corrupted kết thúc.Now, go bachồng to lớn IDM & resume downloading & your download will finish perfectly.

I hope this helps! If you have sầu any questions, just leave sầu a bình luận :)

Other IDM FAQ's và Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting IDM Problems

If you're having trouble with IDM, make sure you have the lakiểm tra version of the software in which some bugs may have sầu been fixed.Also, some applications lượt thích Internet security, antivirut, và firewall software can interfere with IDM. Follow the instructions in the section below to lớn see if this could be the problem or if your software is on a các mục of applications with known issues.Different mạng internet accelerators or video clip accelerators may also interfere in a tải về process or cause problems.Download problems are also comtháng with proxy servers either phối in IDM or transparent proxy servers that might be used by your Internet provider. In this case, try to lớn change the proxy hệ thống, try another Internet provider, or use a VPN.Make sure you're using a genuine version of IDM và that it is registered with a valid serial number.

FAQ: Why Does IDM Fail to lớn Resume Download?

A failure to resume tải về can occur because of conflicts between IDM và other applications, such as the firewall, antivirus, or Internet security applications which control traffic & can change or cabít all the files và file parts that are written on disk.

These kinds of problems are confirmed with Bit Defender 2012, see forum here. In the lathử nghiệm version of Bit Defender, however, this problem is solved so a simple software update could solve sầu your problem if you are a Bit Defender user.

In addition, some firewalls và antivirut softwares are not ready for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 & 8.1, & work incorrectly as a result.

Please try khổng lồ TEMPORARILY completely uninstall your firewall, antivirus, or Internet security application. Simply disabling it is not enough because some of these kinds of applications keep blocking access even if you turn them off. If your problem is solved after doing this, then that would indicate the application is the source of the problem.

At the bottom of this website page is a list of firewalls, Internet security, & antivirus applications with known problems. If your security application is present in the menu on the page, you can find out how to lớn configure it khổng lồ work with IDM. If that still doesn't work, try contacting the application's developers to lớn see if they have sầu a solution. You could also try using a different security, firewall, or antivirut application.

If disabling your security application does not help, it's possible you have sầu an application that functions lượt thích a firewall, antivirut, or security application that you vì not know about. It may have sầu something lượt thích "protector," "defender," "spyware remover," or "cleaner," in its name. If you find such application on your computer, try to uninstall it as well and see if your problem persists.

You could also have the same problem with resuming downloads if you use a proxy in the "Options->Proxy / Socks" IDM dialog. Try disabling it or using another proxy. Your Internet provider might also use an external proxy that could cause problems.

Do You Need IDM?

IDM is no longer a miễn phí software. There is a one-month trial period, after which you will need khổng lồ pay lớn continue using it.

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Many users have sầu complained that the software is difficult khổng lồ uninstall after the trial if they choose to lớn not pay for it, và that their machines are slower afterwards as well.

There are many downloaders that are completely không lấy phí and provide better service (according to reviewers on If you continue having problems with IDM, you may want to lớn consider finding a different tải về accelerator altogether.

This article is accurate và true khổng lồ the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only & does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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If the above solution doesn't work for you, then you may consider downloading only through a single connection. That way, this problem won't arise altogether.

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I Downloaded Andriod Studio To Develop Andriod Apps But This Studio Request Me To Download Java Develping Kit

So I Go khổng lồ The Official Site Of Java Oracel And Download 7 Which If Of 138 MB I Started Downloading. Since It Was A Non Resumable Link So I Have sầu To Download On One Connection I Done That But It Stuchồng It At 99.97% I Was Thinking Its May My Mistake So I Downloaded This File Again But Same Problem Happen..

Now Then I Move To Java 8 Update 45 Which Is Of 175 MB But Again It Stuchồng At 99.98% . I Am Siông chồng And Tired Of All These Thing..

Please Tell Me How To Download Complete And Don't Re commvà Me To Download Again Because I Already Know That

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