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Ligma is a fictional disease associated with a death hoax orchestrated by Instagram user ninja_hater that claimed Fortnite streamer Ninja had passed away after contracting the disease. The intention of this joke was to lớn prompt concerned fans to ask what Ligma is, khổng lồ which participants in the hoax would respond with "ligma balls" ("liông xã my balls"), a joke cài đặt similar to Deez Nuts và Updog. The hoax also spawned in-jokes about the fictional nationality Sugondese ("suchồng on these"), the Indonesian thành phố Grabahan ("grab a hand") và the fictional diseases Sugma ("suông chồng my") và Bofa ("both of").

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On May 28th, 2018, Instagram user Galevik uploaded a video showing a Twitter conversation in which he tells David Hogg "you should boycott ligma" (shown below). Within two months, the post gained over 307,100 views.

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I was immediately blocked after this

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galevik) on May 28, 2018 at 12:04pm PDT


On June 6th, the
realDonaldTrunp<18> parody trương mục tweeted a picture of President Donald Trump dabbing along with a mock conversation of Trump using the ligma joke on a journadanh mục (shown below).

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Spread this. Let’s make nhái news. OC – Backup account: idontlikeninja - #ninja #fortnite #myth #tsm #epic #drake #xxxtentacion #pubg #oc #furry #ntía #nfl #mls #mlb #epl #america #follow4follow #like4like #meme #hashtag #twitch #streamer #cnn #trump #youtube

A post shared by Nin-Ja Hater (ninja_hater) on Jul 16, 2018 at 1:09pm PDT

The following day, the image was reposted by Instagram user foster.roach,<3> who added that Nin-Ja had died of the fictional disease "Ligma." As the hoax began gaining traction, Nin-Ja tweeted that he had landed in Los Angeles with his wife (shown below).<5>

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