Metallic là gì

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Similarly, the electronic environment, with birds, bells và metallic sounds does not favour any of these alternative sầu readings.
The dispersion relation of azimuthal electromagnetic surface waves on a magnetized annular plasma surrounded by a metallic cylindrical coaxial anisotropic dielectric lined waveguide is obtained.
At present, target-sur face impurities seem to lớn be the main obstacle to reliable và efficient acceleration of metallic ions in the foil substrate.
As time increases, ions start to lớn move sầu, and are absorbed by the metallic electrode lớn which the negative voltage signal had been applied.
The saturation of soil with waste-water led to lớn increasing concentrations of harmful metallic và organic substances thereby impairing the unique of ground water.
Increased risk because of arrhythmias, sluggish blood flow in abnormal circulation and metallic prosthetic valves.
Analyzing the quantum metallic cluster proved that its proper ties differ essentially from the proper ties of a classical small metallic sphere.
Any person entering the scan room must remove sầu all metallic objects unless specifically approved by the radiography staff.
Many chemists believed that they could obtain running mercury from minerals, particularly from metallic bodies.
The mist was gone & the orchestral music breathed on, sonorous và ethereal, crashing on the metallic cymbals.

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In these countries the emphasis on chemicals, metallic industries, và plastics seems to have sầu survived transition or has even increased.
Sedimentary deposits within palaeolakes indicative of aqueous origin are the primary targets - carbonates, phosphates, sulphates, halides, metallic oxides, sulphides and clays.
Metallic clusters are commercially available & their mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is similar to that of solid material.
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