Are you a soccer enthusiast & also love to play games? Then you must try out Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

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This is a highly popular sports video clip game developed by PES Productions. The game is available on all the major platforms & is published by Konangươi. It is the 16th instalment in the PES series. The game was launched in năm 2016.

In comparison to all the previous entries, PES 17 comes with a lot of improvement. From improved passing khổng lồ goaltending, the makers have tried their best lớn make the game better for players.

Konamày partnered with top soccer clubs including Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Club Atletico River, and others so that they could recreate the teams in the game. To play with your favourite soccer clubs, you should play PES 17. But before that let’s take a look at the details.

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What is Pro Evolution Soccer 17 all about?

Pro Evolution Soccer 17 is a soccer-based video clip game that features all your favourite soccer clubs. The game was released in năm 2016 and is compatible with Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, & PS4 Pro. You can even play it on your điện thoại phone as it is supported by both quả táo and android.

Konami’s partnership with top soccer clubs enabled them khổng lồ recreate the teams & their kits, stadia, and club logos. The game was well-received upon release. Critics even described it as one of the best soccer video games to lớn date.

PES 2017 comes with many new improvements that make it st& out from all the previous releases. The makers have sầu improved the playing techniques lớn give sầu players a better playing experience. The game features adaptive AI which is implemented in the gameplay of each player. This allows the game khổng lồ automatically change strategic plans based on the player’s performance and strategic preference.

Despite all the new improvements made, there’s one problem with the game. Unlượt thích other soccer games, PES 2017 doesn’t have sầu many major clubs. They laông xã licenses from many of the top clubs. As a result, they have sầu created fake names, kits, and crests. But if you love South American leagues more than European ones, this game is for you. That’s because PES 2017 has licenses from all the major clubs based in South America.

The good thing is that it features real players with amazing likenesses. The game also allows you to lớn edit club names. But these names should be available via active user bases. However, once you start playing, you will forget all the issues.

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PES 2016 was a frustrating entry as it had a lot of drawbacks. But with PES 2017, Konangươi managed lớn pull up their reputation.


PES 2017 is a soccer-based video game that is developed to emulate real soccer. The gameplay stimulates a game of association soccer. The player can either control the entire team or just select a single player. It is completely up khổng lồ the player’s preference.

Just lượt thích any other game, PES 2017 comes with different game modes. The gameplay varies from one model to another. Online, offline, & kick-off modes are the different options available. Along with this, you have an editing mode where you can fix some of the licensing issues.

The Master League mode allows you khổng lồ select mặc định players and also change the settings. By adding these players, you need to lớn win cups, matches, & leagues. The points you collect can be used to purchase real players and add them lớn the team. This helps you to create a team of your own.

The game also features player’s decline and growth curves. This information is useful when buying players. Players can also make patches and option files lớn change player names into lớn their real-life counterparts. Experienced players use patches lớn make changes in the graphical content including kits for unlicensed teams, footballs, new stadiums, etc.

PES 2017 also comes with a separate league consisting of 18 generic teams which can be edited fully. This feature has been added because Konangươi failed to lớn acquire the license of many of the top soccer clubs.

Features Of Pro Evolution Soccer 17

As mentioned before, PES 2017 comes with a lot of improvements. These new features make the game way better than the năm nhâm thìn edition. Before you start playing PES 2017, here is a brief overview of the main features of the game. Some of these features are similar to the ones present in previous entries.


Match analysis

This feature is available in the offline games between friends và also in myClub matches. This allows players khổng lồ analyse the opponent’s playing traits.

PES 2017 is one of the best soccer Clip games you will play. It is nothing lượt thích the năm nhâm thìn instalment. This one comes with improved features that make it more interesting. Also, the game is backed by AI technology.

Pro Evolution Soccer 17 PC trò chơi Download

NameInitial Release DatePublisherEngineNominationsPlatforms
Pro Evolution Soccer 17
13 September 2016
Fox Engine; Havok (physics engine) (Android, iOS)
The trò chơi Award for Best Sports/Racing trò chơi, Satellite Award for Outstanding Sports Game