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Photoshop CC 20đôi mươi New Features & ToolsAdobe has just released the Photosiêu thị CC 20trăng tròn update and there’s a handful of notable new features you should have sầu your eyes on. In this lachạy thử update Adobe has really focused on improving the user experience & streamlining currently existing tools. With faster selections, improved tool functions, enhanced customization features & more; Photoshop CC 20trăng tròn is a game changer. Let’s jump inlớn the best new features and tools in the lademo Photoshop CC update.

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Photoshop’s New Object Selection Tool

This new tool can be found alongside the Quiông chồng Selection and Magic Wvà tools. The Object Selection Tool allows you khổng lồ make a general marquee selection around your subject, while Photoshops Sensei Technology auto selects around your subject. This new tool is fantastic for faster subject selections; without the need to lớn paint around your subject lượt thích in the past.This tool works well even against busy backgrounds, where the quick selection tool may have sầu fallen short in the past. It is surprisingly accurate for an auto selection tool but sometimes misses spots here & there. Not to lớn worry, you can add or take away from your selections with the Object Selection Tool by holding SHIFT or ALT/OPT.Still not getting what you need with a premix grid pattern? Make your own! With the warp tool selected and mix to lớn mặc định, just hold ALT or OPTION and clichồng khổng lồ add a new grid point. Continue adding grid points till your little heart’s content.
For some this may seem lượt thích a downgrade, so Adobe has left you with the option of using Legacy Free Transform. Go Photosiêu thị > Preferences > General > Use Legacy Free Transform to lớn change baông xã to the old ways of free transkhung.

Smart Objects To Layers

Smart objects are a vital feature in Photosiêu thị và most creators use them constantly. In previous versions on Photoshop, layers merged inlớn a smart object could only be reopened as layers in a new document. There was no way to bring those layers back into lớn the original layers panel efficiently.In Photocửa hàng CC 2020 you can now convert smart objects baông xã lớn layers by right clicking and going lớn ‘Convert To Layers’.

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This is a huge improvement in my opinion & a new feature I will find myself utilizing constantly.

Improved Prephối Panel

Adobe has completely rethought the premix panel in Adobe Photosiêu thị CC. The premix panel, across a variety of tools, is significantly more organized; with more available prephối options across shapes, gradients, brushes, & text.
Photoshop CC 2019
My favourite update to lớn the prephối panels is in the gradient editor. Now gradients are organized by a wide variety of colours with dozens more options than previously.

Adobe Cloud Documents

In the lathử nghiệm update khổng lồ Photocửa hàng CC you can now save your files khổng lồ Adobe Cloud. This makes working from multiple locations or computers a breeze; being able to lớn access your cloud files anywhere you have sầu mạng internet connection. Now you can access your Photocửa hàng files where ever you go. Score!

Brush Tool Updates In Photoshop CC 2020

There has been a slight update to the brush tool in Photosiêu thị CC 20đôi mươi allowing you to lớn rotate brushes & swap to lớn the eraser with a simple keyboard shortcut.You can now rotate your brush simply by pressing on the arrow keys on your keyboard. This is drastically more efficient than the old way through the brush prephối panel.

Through this new dialogue box you also can also save sầu your content-aware adjustments onto lớn a new layer. It all works very similarly lớn the select & mask feature you are likely already familiar with.So that’s it! A handful of highly useful updates in the latest version of Photosiêu thị CC. What vì chưng you think of these new updates? What bởi vì you feel like Adobe should still improve sầu on? Let me know in the comments!Happy Editing,-Brendan