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region /"ri:dʤn/ danh từ vùng, miềna mountainous region: miền đồi núithe abdominal region: (giải phẫu) vùng bụng lứa tuổi (quyển khí...) lĩnh vựcthe region of metaphysics: nghành siêu hình học khoảngthis costs in the region of 500d: chiếc đó giá trong vòng 500 đồnglower (nether) regions âm ti, âm tiupon regions trời, thiên đườngđịa phươngkhu vựcsociology of region: xóm hội học tập khu vực vựclĩnh vựcmiềninfrared region: miền hồng ngoạisensitive region: miền thụ cảmvùngcane-growing region: vùng tLong míafeasible region: vùng khả thigrape-growing region: vùng trồng nhoinfrared region: vùng hồng ngoạisensitive region: vùng trúc cảmultraviolet region: vùng tử ngoạiunderdeveloped region: vùng ko phạt triểnvine region: vùng trồng nhovùng miềncommercial region of portkhu thương thơm mại cảng khẩueconomic special regionđặc khu vực kinh tế o vùng, miền, quần thể vực § arid region : miền thô hạn § megaseismic region : miền động đất § microwave sầu region : miền sóng ngắn § oil region : quần thể vực dầu, vùng dầu § petroliferous region : vùng chứa dầu khí, khu vực vực chứa dầu khí § seismic region : vùng động đất § submountain region : vùng trước núi

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Từ điển Collocation

region noun

1 area of land/part of a country

ADJ. large | small | entire, whole | distinct, particular, specific | northern, southern, etc. | central | border, far-flung, outlying, peripheral, remote | neighbouring, surrounding | unexplored | geographical | arid, coastal, desert, equatorial, jungle, mountain/mountainous, polar, tropical | Basque, Gulf, London, Pacific, etc. | autonomous | urbanized | rural | populated a sparsely populated region | economic | developed, industrial | developing | depressed, poor, underdeveloped the poorer regions of the continent | prosperous, rich Italy"s richest region | oil-producing, etc.

VERB + REGION inhabit, live in Nomads have sầu inhabited this region for thousands of years. | work in | leave sầu | visit | divide sth inlớn The country is divided inkhổng lồ 17 autonomous regions. | confine sb/sth to lớn This bird is largely confined lớn the southern regions of the country.

REGION + VERB cover sb/sth The champagne-producing region covers 34,500 hectares.

PREP.. across a/the ~ Sports events across the region have sầu been cancelled because of the weather. | from a/the ~ Twenty participants from the Asia-Pacific region will be invited lớn the seminar. | in/within a/the ~ The animal is found in the northern regions of Sweden. | in the ~ of (figurative) She earns in the region of (= approximately) £200,000. | throughout a/the ~ The plant is found throughout the western regions of the country.

PHRASES sth varies from region lớn region Sanitary facilities varied widely from region khổng lồ region.

2 part of the toàn thân

ADJ. distinct, particular, specific | brain, etc.

PREP. from a/the ~ tissue from the mouth region | in/within a/the ~ cells in a particular region of the brain

Từ điển WordNet

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. An area dedicated to lớn or reserved for a particular purpose. 2. In đoạn Clip programming, a contiguous group of pixels that are treated as a unit. On the Apple Macintosh, for example, a region is an area in a grafPort that can be defined và manipulated as an entity. The visible working area within a window is an example of a region. See also grafPort.

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

regionssyn.: area district location place section space territory vicinity zone