Are family-friendly beaches cramping your style? Pack your skimpiest bathing suit along with your most potent sunscreen and set sail towards these sexy beach destinations.

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Palmizana, Hvar, Croatia

When you’re chosen by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler as the 8th best island in Europe, you better unfurl the celebrity welcome mat. Such is the life on the Croatian island of Hvar. Quickly gaining a reputation as the party HQ for the rich and famous—Prince Harry, Giorgio Armani, Beyoncé and Jay-Z whooped it up here—Hvar is ready for its close-up. The south side beach of Parmizana in particular boasts non-stop sunshine, enticing sugar-hued sand and a fashionable, nubile crowd. Rub shoulders with incognito celebs, VIPs and island hoppers and discover why Lonely Planet named Hvar one of its top destinations for 2012.

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Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island, Greece

Meet the beach with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex. Underneath the midday sun, families build sand castles and splash amidst the rolling surf. But don’t let this daytime serenity fool you. Come cocktail hour, this Greek coastal paradise cranks up the heat to sizzling party proportions. The family friendly vibe evaporates with an invasion of dancers, DJs and R-rated pleasure-seekers. Paradise Beach in Mykonos Island erupts with loud music, flowing alcohol and a clientele that prefers partying with as few clothes as possible.

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Las Salinas Beach, Ibiza, Spain

Say “hola” to Ibiza where the world’s most glamorous party people come to frolic. Las Salinas Beach, the southern stretch of the island attracts professional soccer players, stunning models and A-list celebrities—a sexy, wealthy crowd who live to carouse 24-7 on the white sandy shore. Exclusive bars and restaurants set the hedonistic tone with unlimited cocktails, banging tunes and flirty patrons.

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The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Couples seeking a seductive escape with an air of decorum can reignite their passion on the island of Virgin Gorda. The Baths, a discreet hideaway of sandy beaches and gently lapping water, is embraced by an assortment of towering granite slabs. These standing stones create concealed grottos and intimate coves—the perfect setting for an amorous tryst away from prying eyes.

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Tahiti Beach, Saint-Tropez, France

No one does French Riviera decadence like Tahiti Beach. Here the glitterati not only let their hair down, but also drop their bathing suits too. Topless and nude jet setters mix with wide-eyed tourists keen to experience the beach made famous by 1950s silver screen vixen, Brigitte Bardot. Vacationers seeking a hedonistic free-for-all flock to this Cote d’Azur hot spot to sunbathe without tan lines and indulge in the celebrity lifestyle. Private yachts bob up and down on the sparkling Mediterranean while the beautiful people primp, pose and sip cocktails on their beach loungers.

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South Beach, Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for the American equivalent of the French Riviera, look no further than South Beach. This exquisite getaway has everything: chic boutiques, trendy restaurants, exclusive nightclubs and stunning Art Deco architecture. Drawing a jaw-dropping mix of models, Hollywood favourites and musicians, it’s the place to see and be seen. The non-stop party atmosphere accessorized with gorgeous bathing beauties – of both sexes – makes South Beach the hottest American waterfront destination year round.

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