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Plus, they have sầu someone khổng lồ blab lớn about that epic slip-up with you-know-what at the you-know-where và stuff got real.
A devastating attaông xã ad will probably result from this slip-up, và unlượt thích most attack ads, it will be richly deserved.
Painted in a medium where a single slip-up would mean utter disaster, it looks so effortless that it sings.
It only takes one slip-up in the reputation department and soon your reputation will be in the toilet.
With a single slip-up the goalie can ruin a match or thảm bại a championship, & the fans suddenly forget all his feats và condemn hyên ổn lớn eternal disgrace.
Any slip-up that identifies a user"s bitcoin addresses also makes it possible for anyone to lớn trace all of his or her payments from and khổng lồ those addresses.
Nearly all of us have been guilty, one time or another, of "catastrophizing" -- a type of thinking in which every perceived slip-up or failure leads to lớn our downfall.
They may also have sầu specific disciplinary rules in the case of dietary slip-ups, such as more exercise or more restrictive eating.
In the heat of competition, you"d see him scolding players for lackadaisical effort and casual slipups.

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Nevertheless, the administration remains dogged by slip-ups, half-truths & bombshells, some of them phối off by the president himself.
Since it happens so often, we thought it time lớn put together a quichồng "do" & "don"t" reminder checkcác mục, based on this year"s slip-ups.
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