​I really want to lớn tell you about my friend, one of my best friend is Tuan. We were classmate during our five years at Da Nang University of Technology. He was a good student of my class. He has blachồng hair & bright eyes & is very good – looking. Tuan và I had many things in common, especially, our hobbies. We both like traveling, billiard, table tennis, reading book & singing.He has a kind heart và is easy to lớn get on with everybody. The deeper our mutual understanding becomes the more we feel closely attached to each other. We are the best pupils in our class. Tuan is always at the top. He is good at every subject, but he never shows pride in his abilities và always tries lớn learn harder.Tuan’s family is not rich. His parents are farmers. He often spends most of his không tính tiền time doing useful things lớn help his parents. I like Tuan very much because of his honesty and straight forwardness. He is always ready khổng lồ help his weak friends in their study; as a result, lots of friends, thanks to his whole-hearted help, have sầu become good ones.

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I have sầu a bestfiend và also a neighborhood whoes name is Tuan. His age is the same as mine but he looks lượt thích older than me. Because he’s very tall & thin, everybody calls hlặng “a palm”. Tuan has a short curly hair and beautiful chestnut brown eyes that appeal of many girls. He is a person of very few words that makes hlặng lớn be a good listener. Anyone, who has ever contacted with Tuan, thinks about him as a glacial boy. In fact he’s really warm & nice. He’s willing lớn help people whenever possible. When I was in secondary school, I found Math was very difficult khổng lồ understvà but Tuan solved the Math problems so fast. He spent all seven nights of weeks khổng lồ help me in Math while he could go out lớn relax. Tuan was a good all-rounder exception English. Most of the teachers in school và parents highly appreaciated his talent. Only a month ago, he received two full scholarships from America Government to study oversea but he has not yet decided whether he should go or not. Although he has not spent much time to lớn take part in sport activities, he is a well football player. We were in Ha Noi Young Football Team when we were in grade 10. Everything seems perfect khổng lồ my bestfriend but he’s very modest & always talks lớn himself to give sầu more effort. I’m proud of Tuan & pray for the good things beside him forever.
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The person that I trust the most is my best friend, Nha. She is 18 years old. She is also my English private tutor who has been teaching me for 3 years.She is very pretty with a lovely round face & beautiful dark brown eyes. Although she is not so tall, her blaông chồng hair is very long & silky. Her favorite clothes are jeans, T-shirts & sneakers for their comfort. At first, she appeared serious but later she showed her humorous side. She always makes me laugh all the times when we see each other. She is not only good at English but she also plays piano exceptionally well. She can even compose songs. Furthermore, conscientiousness is the most beautiful personality of her. She makes people feel pleasant in her caring and understanding chất lượng.She is both well-qualified teacher and a precious friend lớn me. I hope our relationship can last long & remain stable.

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Among my friends, I cherish the most is Hong. She is a good student of my class, she lived with her mother in a small house near my house. She has short blaông xã hair, oval face & brown eyes. What particularly struông chồng me about her was the smile. She looks so lovely when he smiles. She is a khung of friends that I can mô tả everything. She always believed & helped me in every situation. She is gentle & endearing all friends. She likes reading, listening to music and go under heaven download. Hong and I have a lot in common with each other, has become good friends over the past 5 years. Although time has passed long in any case, Hong and I also trying lớn keep this friendship.
My best friend is Phuong. She has a same age with me. We"re 12. She"s tall, fat & beautiful. She has a long hair & a round face. She very friendly so everyone love her. She"s good at Maths but I"m not, I"m good at English. She always help me to lớn bởi vì hard homework. I love her.
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