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You are living a peaceful life in a beautiful house between the marshes, one day your house is attacked by a bunch of monsters, zombies và of course you will vì everything lớn protect your whereabouts. Swamp Attachồng MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) is an exciting shooter game combining with tower defense game will bring you to lớn the most fun battle on sản phẩm điện thoại.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Swamp Attack
Unlimited Money/Energy
Android 4.1

Introduce about Swamp Attack

Simple gameplay

Swamp Attaông xã starts with a gentle, relaxed style of a men sitting in front of the house on a recliner chair, listening khổng lồ music with a gun in his h&. That peaceful scene is quickly broken by the first crocodiles khổng lồ attachồng your house, & you will shoot them by the gun in your hvà. The gameplay is pretty simple with just touches where the monsters are on the screen.


Swamp Attaông chồng has more than 300 levels with 8 different chapters, so you will always feel the game is new and many challenges. At the beginning levels, the game is simply is using the gun lớn kill the crocodiles then you pichồng up money from them. At higher levels, you will have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with more powerful monsters. It looks like each màn chơi will unlock a new type of quái dị with the new weapons needed to destroy them.

With over 35 different types of creatures with different special powers, not only the monsters that come near you can attaông chồng you but also the monsters that attaông chồng you at long range. So when they appear lớn attaông chồng your house, I recommover you should kill the quái thú far from you first before they make you thua kém your blood quickly. At some level, you will find medicine vials to lớn heal when destroying monsters.

Weapon system

The choice of weapons in the early stage is limited because you start with only one shotgun, and then through the game, you gradually unlochồng the various weapons và more powerful weapons. There are a lot of weapons you can unlock, using them in a flexible way, you can easily switch guns in the game screen or tăng cấp them. Auxiliary weapons are used by simple drag and drop include gas tanks, explosives, acid rain, etc.

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Like many other types of games, gold coins are a very important element that you will need to lớn actively collect them. The gold you will earn mainly by killing monsters when you cliông xã on the golden ducks or the rewards of getting through each màn chơi. Upgrade your weapons, buy additional weapons and nâng cấp defense equipment to lớn help your house has more HP.

Some other modes

In addition to the main mode, you also experience Quiông chồng Missions with exciting tasks to help you earn more money. When playing Quiông xã Missions mode you will receive the main weapons and auxiliary weapons randomly by before the game, complete as possible, you will get more money. Also, there is a Multiplayer feature that allows you to play with friends & relatives.


Simple design

In terms of graphics, Swamp Attaông xã is designed quite simply with character và the scene like in the Cartoon Network channel. However, the game’s scenery is always a house between the marsh, with no change from the beginning to lớn the end of the game, that is likely to cause boredom.


MOD APK version of Swamp Attack

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will have sầu a lot of money.

Download Swamp Attaông chồng MOD APK for Android

Although not really outstanding but overall the game is also worth playing because of the entertainment of the game with humorous gameplay. Monsters are attacking, now it’s time lớn download Swamp Attaông xã to lớn your phone & protect your swamp today.