The witcher 3 realistic mod

Tired of trying lớn find the perfect angle to lớn ignite individual candles & torches, Geralt learned a new trick- Lumen Igni Totus, that allows hyên ổn lớn ignite all light sources within a radius around hyên at the snap of his fingers.

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Erotic Gwent - is a hack that brings completely new và fresh feeling lớn the well-known minigame but does not disrupt its balance.

A combination of 3 blood mods. Have you ever wanted lớn have sầu a real BLOODBATH in Witcher 3 and justify the monikers of Geralt "Butcher of Blaviken". This thủ thuật will vì chưng that

Restores all the cut documents and books. Restores Glossary section. Allows to obtain full bestiary entries for every boss khủng in the game.

A mix of tweaks và changes for the great W3EE (5.02). Includes a new toxiđô thị system, updated skills và alchemy items, reworked witcher gear, & many small balance changes.

This hack restores cut nội dung during the quest "Va Fail, Elaine" in which Yennefer asks for food while lifting Uma"s curse.

This thủ thuật automatically picks the dialog choice that makes the most sense but still lets you pick in important situations. This allows for smooth conversations without cuts when user input should not be required. It also plays all optional dialogues

Changes the models and textures of all bombs of the game for more uniqueness for each of them, & adds 5 new bombs.

A Night to lớn Remember is a new standalone quest which continues Orianna"s story after the events of Blood & Wine. Created using Radish Modding Tools.

Configure several aspects of the game to lớn your liking via a Mod Menu. Includes options for general mechanics, equipment, skills, UI và visuals.

Two new pieces of armour for professional witchers - one for traveling & one for hunting - will allow you to successfully complete any task.

Here you go! Im so happy for this because its my first upload here. Geralternative text Cocky turns into lớn Smooth Combat! Make sure you read detailed mô tả tìm kiếm.

This thủ thuật seeks lớn exp& the unique textures for characters in the game. Aside from a few characters, nearly everyone shares the same texture resulting in broken immersion.

This is a simple hack that adds a graphical fidelity màn chơi above vanilla Ultra khổng lồ every graphics settings in the options. I have spent time researching all affected parameter settings including 100+ hours of in-game testing lớn ensure the values aren"t going beyond the bounds of the engine or causing discrepancies like micro-stuttering, for example.

Overhauls the White Orchard terrain/landscape textures with made from scratch textures in 4K with tech such as: baked ambient occlusion, baked normalmaps, normalized colorization.

Proud to lớn present WIPhường on my new visual hack for best game ever done by CDquảng cáo :) Try it and feel không tính phí to lớn join creative sầu discussion on what more i can vị to improve sầu you experiance with the hack :)ps. Mod is in beta state và so far i have done ground work, a lot more will come soon ;)

Makes it possible to lớn start a New Game + using a New trò chơi + save.It is also possible to lớn start a New Game + using a New trò chơi ++ save, i.e. stacking New trò chơi +. Thanks lớn Enpror for the confirmation :)Can additionally raise the player màn chơi cap, scale enemies/crafting schematics/quests (suggested levels)/new equipment, etc.

reworks all the animals in the game, including expansions.Many animals in The Witcher 3 have a very bad chất lượng và many of them are impossible to approach them during normal gameplay (they flee when you get close). With this type of animals I have sầu done a lighter reworking as they cannot be seen up cthua.....

A rework of the original Multi companion mod enhanced by Kingsegg, trying lớn eliminate as many singles as possible.More npc"s spawn, more npc chatter & conversations between npc"s are added.

Total Revamp of the Counter system in game to allow the user to piông chồng the moves of their own volition. Fully Modular with an intuitive thủ thuật thực đơn that lets you customize the combat experience lớn suit your rules. Add access lớn otherwise limited abilities such as the kick, the shoulder bash or the sidestep-slash. Gives a new dynamic to lớn the combat system

Welcome aboard, Witcher-boys & Witcher-girls! new series of "Insane Eyes" are here! For now "our eyes of insanity" got the Geralternative text of Rivia himself!I hope you are will not be disappointment.

Cheers up guys! Next mod from series "Insane Eyes", for now it" is Goddess Yennefer of Vengerberg! Hope you will be delighted. And of course as for always this thủ thuật in vanilla style, but with more attentive sầu to details!

#stayhome page A easy Moddanh sách for 1.31 or 1.32 that contains more than 100 Mods for the best game experience.As overhaul based on the Enhance Edition.It compairs you Before/After as Screenshot for the most Mods.Also Includes his own ReShades và PatchesNO MOD MANAGER NEEDED!!!

A DLC which adds several fully explorable and functional areas (villages, vineyards etc) outside the initial vanilla borders of Toussaint, as well as expanding the latter to enable you to lớn reach them.

This hack is based on the work of two handy and nice modders: bathsebah and Ellise. I lightened Ellis"s face & I remade eyes for Triss from bathsebah. All glory & 90% of Donation Points go lớn them. Thanks khổng lồ both gracious girls for their permissions! :-)

A new story quest thủ thuật done using radish modding tools. Jump into lớn a new adventure with Ciri & Geralt.

Revamped version of the Magic Spells for Signs and Weapons mod. Merge friendly và adjustable! Turn Geralt inkhổng lồ an actual WARLOCK!

Save your Pocket slots for items you can actually use, place all cosmetics into lớn the new Accessory slots, which have sầu some additional functionality

Swords/Crossbow on the hip, swords and/or crossbow on Roach, swords criss-cross on the baông xã, invisible weapons

Make game Triss look lượt thích her show counterpart, portrayed by Anmãng cầu Shaffer. Complete with optional new outfits inspired by the show

Add randomly generated trùm cuối contracts, bounties, ambushes và hunts lớn the game. Dynamically change the vanilla spawns for unique and varied playthroughs. Simulate an ecosystem & a food chain. Add dynamic events to give sầu more weight khổng lồ your actions

Makes the Breasts and Butts of most NPCs more smooth, while keeping the general vanilla shape intact. A small side effect is that butts và breasts are slightly bigger.

This hack is a complete overhaul of fires, lights và shadows of the main game and HoS including numerous fixes. It drastically increases draw distances of fires, lights và related meshes and significantly improves shadows. It also includes most of the fires from Hyadum27"s fantastic "New Fires" hack và, additionally, adds brvà new ones.

Huge detailed danh mục of mods, to lớn play an improved gameplay experience. Recommended for modding beginners. Performance guide và advice on graphics settings for stable frames.

Lush, verdant, & efflorescent grass as far as the eye can see. Covers all regions including Toussaint.

This hack changes several prerendered cutscenes into real-time rendering, with some LOD và bug fixes.

Three new quests, one for each of the DLC armors, the Nilfgaardian, Temerian & Undvik sets. As well as other changes và improvements to lớn the DLC items.

A massive mod các mục that cover every aspect of the game in order to improve gameplay, immersion and realism.

This dlc adds 19 hairstyles & 12 beards to your game. This is not a replacer, but a true dlc. Please read instructions.

Edits Geralt"s hair, beard, và face lớn match how he looked in both "The Trail" and "Killing Monsters" cinematic trailers.

Smooth, homogeneous, và aesthetically pleasing grass. Covers Velen/Novigrad, Skellige, & White Orchard.

this gian lận edit "A Miraculous Guide to lớn Gwent" Book content, so the player will know for sure where lớn get the missing Gwent Card(s) is

Gwent Redux is a complete overhaul of the Witcher Card Game. This thủ thuật adjusts vanilla cards, adds +1đôi mươi new cards, updates +300 portraits, improves AI decks và much more khổng lồ make Gwent more balanced, fun lớn play và lore friendly.

This is a fixes for an unpleasant visual bug in the game.If you know about the existence of such places, write.

A full overhaul of the Witcher 3 economy mechanics. Fully customizable through in-game menus, it adds location specific pricing, regional market volatility, merchant interest in items, merchant funds customization, merchant daily re-funding, upgrades/repair/dismantle pricing, và more.

Adds the popular tuy vậy "Toss A Coin To Your Witcher" from the Netflix show into the game. Multiple options are offered khổng lồ you, in multiple languages : English, Polish, German, French & Brazilian Portuguese.

Application that reads The Witcher 3 save files and reports gwent thẻ collection progress for the collect "em all achievement.

This mod can be considered a "light" gameplay overhaul as it doesn"t fundamentally change the gameplay mechanics, but still makes enough major changes to lớn be considered more than just gameplay enhancements. Its main purpose is to lớn make the gameplay feel more realistic và lore friendly where preperation is key.

Its composed of 2 mods và 1 dlc for Corvo Bianco. dlc_morePaintings makes more paintings/shields/tapestries available for mounting in picture slots và is required. modWitchersLair_PixAndSwords adds picture & sword slots và is required. modWitchersLair_Armor adds armor stands và is optional.

Every cống phẩm in the game is scaled lớn the player"s màn chơi, with the exception of crossbow bolts. This affects all non-quest items, be they looted, rewarded, bought or crafted (the crafting thực đơn is modified khổng lồ display scaled levels and stats).

Reshade Set focused on the realistic yet gorgeous colours và lighting of the nature. Another focus is on authentic presentation of people & their skin colour.

Enables high quality heads (LOD0), lip movement and higher shadow resolution as used in dialog scenes on (human) npcs in normal gameplay.

The premier venue for the dirty fashion-souls grubbing masses. Feel free to peruse our varied wares and exotic apparel, but we"re required by law khổng lồ insize you that wearing our products may get you arrested or gored depending on the situation. Please take a stag helm, they"re starting khổng lồ smell funny.

This hack contains 4K textures for Yennefer, Triss, and Ciri.It also includes:new bugfixes, 3d models reworked, better hair, new eyelashes, better eyes, enhanced skin pores, better hands và feet, new intimate areas, personal textures for each character (which do not affect other NPCs), maps re-elaborated in high definition and much more

Here is your chance to lớn ride a magical and chất lượng Frog, instead of the same old horse archetype! Made with love & attention to magical realism, if you kiss it, it might turn inlớn the prince/princess of your dreams!

This is a Reshade Premix for Immersive Lighting thủ thuật by r0x, created for long gameplay, therefore offer natural balanced color, but still somehow vibrant, nice interior, night & dark areas, while also enhance it a bit with some of good reshade"s FX

The Witcher 3: Lore Friendly Tweaks // Epic Lore Realism chơi Game Overhaul - for the lorified, more plausible, challenging và immersive sầu experience.

Adds three brvà new quests lớn the game. All part of a new witcher gear scavenger hunt khổng lồ find the pieces of Sumajin"s Sezon Burz set.

Are you also tired of the same repetetive sầu music, being played over and over again? Well, this hack will make sure that you never get bored again while exploring the beautiful Northern Realms of the Witcher 3. What this mod does in detail, is to lớn Địa Chỉ new music to lớn the game world, instead of REPLACING already existing music. It"s all about VARIETY.

This reshade premix aims lớn achieve sầu a more dramatic và immersive sầu feel. Supports the lademo version of Reshade and some effects from the qUINT shader suite.

Like Geralt, multiple characters will change now their clothing/outfits based on the story & location they are at (please refer lớn the video clip or screenshots khổng lồ get a better impression) to blend in with their surroundings.

I just tried to lớn create a new lore-friendly medallion based on the books" descriptions along with the wolf head kiến thiết made by Cd Projekt.

Increases the resolution, adds shading through new normal maps and perforates (where appropriate) the tree LOD billboards so they appear more detailed và less lượt thích cardboard cutouts. Tree LODs inspired by more modern games lượt thích Kingdom Come: Deliverance for the Witcher 3. Now with B&W support.

get always full exp for quests, alternative variants available: Always Full Exp, Always Difficulty Exp, Always Mixed Exp, Always DLC Exp, Always Neovalen Exp

This thủ thuật power up Starting Armor (and crafted Starting Armor), Starting Swords và Starting Crossbow with a svào leveling up of STATS, RESISTANCES và SPELL POWER of your character.

In this modification, I try to make the picture in the game more similar lớn reality, while maintaining the original atmosphere.

This patch aims at creating a comtháng base for modmakers và modusers to build và install their mods on with minimal amount of conflicts. The patch also provides basic tư vấn for new hubs that modmakers can now create with community-made Radish Modding Tools.

Patcher which modifies the game executable khổng lồ remove (increase) a limit that causes the game to lớn break with many mods.

radish community modding tools are a collection of in-game mods và external tools aimed to enable the creation of new quests by hack authors.

Weapons/armors/enemies/allies have fixed stats which are not affected by their cấp độ.Mod features reasonable item/service prices, but allows to lớn use original game prices.Mod features few bugfixes, configurable convenience improvements and minor gameplay changes.Mod is backward compatible & can be installed/uninstalled anytime.

A collection of fixes for issues that are present in the vanilla game. Now inludes The Nitpickers Patch

This gian lận re-elaborates all the monsters (including expansions) to lớn increase the details of the textures & maps .. HDMR tries to lớn maintain the vanilla aspect so as not khổng lồ alter the work of CDtruyền bá, but in some cases a complete or partial rework is been done due to lớn the bad chất lượng of the textures. NO LOSS OF FPS

A complete & comprehensive rework of The Witcher 3, offering a much higher chất lượng experience than the original game ever could.

Here it is.... The Viking & The Knight. Include 8 variants of Helmet, Excalibur, Vikingsword, Vikingshield và more.... all as standalone

If you like a legible, yet classic, novel-like fonts in the game, this gian lận adds some Serif fonts khổng lồ The Witcher 3 interface.

This mod gives you many options to customize the level scaling of enemies. There are also options khổng lồ increase or decrease the health, damage, và resistances of enemies. Version 1.2 adds an option to lớn increase the cấp độ cap.

Aerondight replacer, Corrects proportions, the form of the crossguard & other changes, 5 variants of swords

This thủ thuật replaces almost all aspects related to lớn weather effects, lighting, PBR render and more khổng lồ create a mod in the game as I see it.

Monsters have sầu too much color, this mod gives them less and adds a little sharpening for detail.

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All monsters are covered including HoS & B&W!

Replaces the files updated in the 1.32 update with 1.31 files to fix potential problems and incompatability with mods on the new update. A must if you want khổng lồ use the không tính tiền cam with 1.32.

Cast meteors và fireballs upon your enemies, summon golems, make yourself invisible & other interesting stuff

It enhances Toussaint"s lighting by removing the horrible yellow lights, cyan skies, dark distance fog and much more. BETA - still only changes the base ENV và VERY unpolished

This is a repackaging of the 16 miễn phí DLC. This package merges 45 bundles and caches inkhổng lồ 3, which should allow to lớn greatly increase the thủ thuật limit.

See more: Tổng Hợp Cách Kết Nối Điện Thoại Và Máy Tính Dễ Thực Hiện, Tổng Hợp Cách Kết Nối Điện Thoại Và Máy Tính

Introduces a new group of "spell tomes" items that modify your signs when equipped in the trophy slot.

W3EE Lazarus Project is an official extension lớn W3EE 4.93 (future compatible). It aims khổng lồ provide the most complete, balanced & yet immersive sầu Witcher 3 experience.

Changes low proxy meshes for high unique meshes. No more pop-in, you can also see custom textures, such as HD Reworked Project from any distance now.

Photorealistic visuals for the Witcher 3. Intended for PLM 2 (Included in file). Inspired by L00ping"s work from Skyrim & Fallout 4. Rebooted for 2021.

Dramatically improves the visual unique of flying birds lớn approach what was originally expected from the E3 chạy thử

Simply put it in the "mods" folder (if it"s not there create it, without quotes) in your game directory

Mod editor/creator for The Witcher 3. The point is lớn have sầu an all in one tool for creating mods for the game.

Changes Geralt"s Hair Physics when playing at 60fps to lớn something resembling the vanilla behavior at 30fps.

Slyên armors, Gloves reduced, Fixed spikes, Fixed pants, Edit boots, The steel version of the armor and Other changes

This gian lận changes the textures of the Heavy Clouds. Updated lớn V2. That means several changes to the heavy clouds such as increased chất lượng, better normal maps, and blurred edges. V2 also contains new Medium clouds.

Now you"re able lớn loot all quest items and get all treasures / schematics evenif Geralts cấp độ is above sầu 100. Functional with main game and all DLCs.This fix is intended for users of any level uncapper thủ thuật.

Remove sầu nudity from Witcher 3. Works for ALL DLC and expansion packs (HoS, B&W) including romance scenes (see details below). For those who want khổng lồ enjoy the Witcher with a little modesty filter.

E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing E3 VGX Fishing

Ever find it odd how hunting over a dozen deer yields little lớn no loot? Well this thủ thuật changes it so that animals & monsters always drop loot.

The Appearance Project aims khổng lồ expand & enrich the Witcher 3 by adding additional character assets. This Edition includes an overhaul character rework for Triss Merigold

This is a Reshade that really enhances the look of the game at a minimal fps cost.I went for stunningly realistic visuals, yet to lớn not deviate khổng lồ much from the original world.It works for all lighting mods, although i use it with Wiedzmin Lighting mod v8 e3 swamp.

Customize your lighting.Load all .env"s on-the-fly.Customize Fog Settings.Màu sắc Correction.All In-trò chơi, và on-the-fly.

"For the Witcher, brave sầu và bold, paid in coin of gold. He"ll chop & slice you, gut và dice you, eat you up whole." -- Orianna"s Lullaby of Woe.A compilation of mods khổng lồ match Geralt"s appearance in the epic "A Night khổng lồ Remember" Launch Trailer.

This DLC adds a brvà new, lore-friendly mix of gear based on the novel Sezon Burz by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Collection of personal tweaks and fixes from The Witcher 3 dev. Mod mainly aims at fixing immersion breakers, buffing underperforming skills & items, cosmetic changes and bugfixing. It also fixes few instances of items & abilities that made Geralt (nearly) immortal và removed all the challenge from the game.

A program that allows you to manage your mods which include installation, uninstallation, enabling/disabling mods etc all in one click

Ta daaaa. :D Your Geralternative text will be stylish mađến... All girls will be his only ... (I"m included :3) :D

Complete Animations is animation paông chồng for regular actions that should have sầu animations lượt thích drinking, eating, applying oil etc with complete control over them in hack thực đơn.

Do you enjoy the way White Orchard looks? Well with this mod installed, now White Orchard lighting will be in all regions of the game!

Primal Needs tries lớn increase the immersion of the game by adding hunger, thirst, fatigue, urine and feces as well as few other elements into lớn the game.

Nude Mod All Time Naked và New Breast for Ciri, Yennefer, Triss,Ves,Keira,Phillipage authority,Shani,Pricilla, Anna Henrietta,Syanmãng cầu,Corine,Edmãng cầu Felicia,Fringilla,Lady Bran,Rosa

Opens the unused Devil"s Pit caverns for exploration along with adding over 21 new items into the base game, 6 interactive sầu objects, 4 new NPCs including a companion and fully featured stealth mechanics.

Lore-Friendly Economy changes the costs and prices of all items in the game, trying to lớn stay within the lore as much as possible. No longer will you be able lớn pile up tons of gold as you progress through the game. Geralternative text is poor witcher, often staying hungry for that matter, witch is emphasized in the books but not even closely reflected in the gam

Spawn as many companions as you want!Companions spawn throughout the world once you"ve finished the game. Ask them to lớn follow you!

This gian lận increases the number of particles per particle effect, recolors several effects (including both forms of Igni và the Devil's Puffball bomb), adds particle collision lớn monsters and Geralt, and makes many particle effects respond to the wind.

Removes the lightsource that follows the player around while leaving the cutscene dialogue unchanged.

This is how I imagine the game to look if gameplay were presented at this year"s E3. I took inspiration from E3 năm trước, took some liberties of my own, and a touch of the art style from Witcher 2 & ended up with this. Hope you enjoy!

Beta version of my lighting hack Project E3. This is a very early stage of the hack & I'm uploading this because people begged me & I'm giving the community a chance lớn kiểm tra it and report things that need khổng lồ be changed thus far.

Changes the appearance of the Wolf Medallion to Geralternative text và All the other Witchers.Material was changed, Retextured and Included red eyes that glows in the dark.

This hack is a slight retexture for Geralt. Now, the expression of Geralt is more threatening và lore-friendly.pale skin(no vesemir version xD), the best Striga Soto on Nexus Mods & much more...

A simple gian lận that replaces the textures of gwent cards with those of their equivalents in the new GwentTWCG.

This is a complete compilation of all my previously released work and also previously unreleased work.

Beautiful cinematic experience, with a good touch of realism - Requires STLM 2.2.1 và ReShade 1.1.0

A collection of various simple gameplay tweaks for The Witcher 3: fair prices, full experience, jump và sprint in witcher senses, etc. Tweaks are modular and can be used separately.

UPatch alters BASE game scripts và makes GOTY & non-GOTY games identical. Contains only official scripts & fixes which are available lớn GOTY users.

This mod replaces Geralt"s underwear and/or nude models with a nude Model with the proper male anatomy.

This thủ thuật is a collection of mods wich make the textures of the Witcher 3 not even just better, also tries lớn make every texture 4K resolution, more realistic and adds some exclusive custom textures.

A complete optimization/rewrite (with permission from the authors JupiterTheGod and CarbonAlabel) of AutoLoot Standard/Enhanced editions, with all aspects configurable through in-game menus. This hack also implements the new "True AutoLoot Mode," an absolutely hands-không tính tiền looting system.

(Updated 17 June) Wild Hunt Re-Engaged a ReShade that is adaptive and changes premix based on location. Presets for both Wiedzmin Lighting & STLM. My goal was bluer skies, darker green grass, remove sầu yellow tint from lighting & bring slightly darker nights/interiors. You will find some weathers colorful while others dark and gloomy.

Provides UNOFFICIAL updates for 50+ mods on a consolidated project page. All requests are being actively worked on! Additional contributions have been provided khổng lồ project by VXWild, Syynx, killergas47, & Kevin843.

Allows the user to select Supreme, Ultimate or Extreme graphic levels via the in-game graphics option menu. No need lớn manually edit your own ini file. No longer see setting menu drop to low when going beyond Ultra settings.

Wild Hunt Adaptive sầu is a ReShade that really adapts lớn your location in the world of Witcher 3. Presets will automatically load when you go khổng lồ a new area! Awesome right?? No need to manually change. Presets for: Velen/Novigrad, White Orchard, Toussaint, Skellige, Kaer Morhen và Vizma Castle. Versions for: Vanilla Lighting, STLM 2.2 và Tou

Replaces various tunes in the game with ones from previous Witcher titles *Now with combat replacements*

First person mode modification gives you an quality opportunity lớn see the world through Geralt's eyes by adding immersive sầu first person camera option to lớn the game that can be enabled or disabled at will.

Levels a customizable menu of Witcher and relic armor and swords khổng lồ your level. Uses built-in vanilla leveling to lớn ensure game balance. Now you can wear what you like without worrying about it being obsolete in trăng tròn minutes.

More abilities, br& new cards, lore-friendly và balanced decks, informative descriptions, restored textures, it's Gwent Plus Plus!

A gian lận which automatically applies the most effective oil at the start of combat. NOTE: Currently incompatible with GILL

Ever wish the Kaer Morhen Armor wouldn't become obsolete? This thủ thuật will change the Armor Rating every time you cấp độ up!

***UPDATED JUNE 2018!!!*** I"ve designed this ReShade prephối for my first playthrough of The Witcher 3. The graphics have been carefully enhanced in order to preserve the beauty that CDquảng bá have sầu created. It will basically make your game look like it"s brand new again. For vanilla lighting, STLM, và B&W DLC. Enjoy! :)

God Mode is designed khổng lồ let you customize how you want to play the game, và which annoyances (such as death) you want khổng lồ avoid.

The gian lận focuses on improving overall gameplay by fixing bugged và over/underpowered skills, balancing of crafting, loot & economy while still keeping the game as cthua trận to vanilla as possible.

This thủ thuật started as a small combat tweak but has evolved into lớn pretty much a complete gameplay overhaul. There is a plethora of changes, improvements and new additions khổng lồ the gameplay, many of which are user customiseable so that the experience can be fine tuned. The overall ayên was to make the game more immersive & the gameplay experience even mo

The only armor for REAL Witchers. Fully custom armor set featuring four different variants with four tiers each, all interchangeable in-game through a level-based crafting/deconstruction system.

New Update 2.3 Now All-In-One with all 4 Presets that can easy switch via ingame overlay from Reshade 3.0. Updated Cine Evolved now with Base Game Preset

Enables Ice Breath FX khổng lồ Geralt, Roach và NPCs, ANYWHERE now, with v2Also as optional you can have Custom Snow particles to lớn some Skellige Weathers

ESGO is the ultimate way khổng lồ customize your experience to lớn The Witcher 3. You can decide pretty much everything with over 200 options available. Change how much XPhường you get by quest or by killing monsters, change enemies health & damage, change the way enemies scale (or don"t), and much more.

Redefines all relic blades from scratch to lớn be useful/gives you access to NPC only weapons/let you upgrade all relic blades,DLC và Kaer Morhen Armor,DLC và Witcher Crossbows,Viper và Vesemir Swords/adds dozens of new loot inlớn the world/modifies some Vendors/adds many quest rewards/heightens Gwent bet lớn 50/adds new animations/effects etc.

Personal Reshade pre-sets, 6 variations to lớn cover most tastes. Liked by many, endorsed by a few....How does that work out?!

Shows on map all objectives for all player's active sầu quests. Like tracking multiple quests in the same time. You can also change the currently tracked objective sầu without going lớn the Quests thực đơn. Optionally can cađậy the location of discovered merchants.

This thủ thuật change Geralt khổng lồ playable Human và some other Characters.(Attention!! Mod is not perfect, Character has GERALT's animations during combat actions (during casting signs in optional woman combat) & in some parts of dialogs và cutscenes và there are some T-pose bugs with npc womans (For WOMAN SECTION).

An incredibly young and pretty Geralt Now with Younger Geralternative text version Compatible with Blood & Wine DLC & Patch 1.31 GOTY Edition

Allows for an increase và customization of in-game draw distance and cấp độ of detail!Compatible with v1.31

AMM allows you khổng lồ change appearances from menu và a push of a button.Change: Hair, Beard, Face, Head, Capes, Shoulders, Accessories & more...Replace equipped armor for ANY Set Witcher or Common. No stats changesCHANGE SWORDS AND it's EffectsAlso FULLY change Roach without need lớn worry about stats!

General idea of the hack is lớn turn meditation into lớn more meaningful process: it"s no longer used to simply skip time and auto-refill your potions & bombs, you need meditation/campfire to manage your character skills, equipment và alchemy.

Up khổng lồ 100+ skill slots allowed Activate multiple mutations Rich configuration options Balanced version available Gamepad friendly

Customizable E3 năm trước Camera Mod- Customizable Camera Positions- In-Game Camera Control- Smart Rotation (tự động centering off until you decide you need it)- Player Head Tracking (optional)- Critical Slow Motion Combat Camera (optional)

Detects conflicts between mods & helps you resolve sầu them, either by creating merged files that override the conflicting ones, or by configuring a custom load order for your mods. Merges are easy to unvì because they don't change the original gian lận or game files. Depending on your mods, some merges may require basic understanding of code.

Do you love sầu the E3FX gian lận but feel lượt thích it's lacking that extra oomph? Are you an owner of NVIDIA GTX 970? If so, this hack is for you.

This gian lận offers a lot of options to lớn configure HUD modules as well as adds 3 chiều markers for quest & NPC tracking and makes several improvements to game menus. You can use all of the options hack has or turn the ones you don"t need off.

AutoLoots eliminates the tedious loot interface & helps you by automatically looting the items you set it to loot!

The purpose of Better Combat is to revisit the combat và difficulty mechanics in the game for better balance và a more enjoyable experience overall. The Enhanced version of the hack introduces more substantial changes that are perfect for a 2nd playthrough. If then you enjoy a REAL challenge, try death march in this revised khung, if you dare.

This hack changes more than 70 Gwent cards, from every faction.It aims to make Gwent more interesting.It also applies the unused textures lớn some Gwent cards.

This is a Reshade and SweetFX 2.0 prephối for those of you that want the game look more like the Sword of Destiny E3 2014 trailer or simply wants a premix that works great togehter with the Cutscene Lighting Mod or Yet Another Lighting Mod *NEW* Finally updated to tư vấn Super Turbo Lighting Mod version 3

The first Reshade prephối that pushes the limits! Prepare to experience The Witcher 3 visuals like you've sầu never seen them before. Three quality versions lớn choose from!

Disables the intro and recap videos so you dont have to skip them each time.Also probably increases loading times. (on ssd)

For those of you who love sầu fantasy-lượt thích graphics, this prephối does its best to add a colorful immersion to lớn the Fantasy world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This Visual Fidelity suite aims at pushing the jaw dropping, gorgeous, REDengine 3 to lớn its limits by the power of Reshade Framework without destroying the art direction that was intended. This is no E3/2013 Era inspired Premix, This is UBER. No over exaggerated, childish post processing effects found here! Just Cold, Dark, Beautiful và Breathta

These files are taken from the lachạy thử Windows 10 AMD 1036 drivers, & seem khổng lồ offer a nice performance increase in Witcher 3 for AMD users. These drivers are built for DirectX 12 however they also increase GPU draw-calls in DirectX 11. These files were found on the Guru3 chiều forums.

See more: Cách Định Giá Xe Nozza Cũ Bao Nhiêu Là Đúng Giá? Yamaha Nozza 2022 Giá Bao Nhiêu

This Reshade Frameworks package aims lớn make your game look as cthua thảm as possible to lớn the famous E3 Witcher 3 Screenshots from the trailer

Simple tweak dll that re-enables the debug console Download & drop in `The Witcher 3 Wild Huntinx64`