Torent là gì

They are worried that the flow/trickle/stream of tourists could swell into an unmanageable torrent if there are no controls.

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They committed themselves lớn guarantee a minimal flow of 10 mio m3/y with a monthly variation và lớn abstain from any additional withdrawals in torrents.
The rain comes down in torrents, và all the tarpaulins you put up cannot stvà up lớn the force of the rain.
We used khổng lồ think that they were only for banamãng cầu republics & foreigners, lượt thích pictorial postage stamps which now rain on us in torrents.
The spiritual driving forces which took teachers inkhổng lồ their vocation in the first place are smothered by endless torrents of documentation.
An instrument designed to lớn facilitate trade between states thereby became a vehicle for torrents of federal regulation.
There is no access khổng lồ it excepting, perhaps, by one railroad, a very few roads & mainly by the courses of the torrents which fall down its precipitous walls.
By its very nature, the production of power from the torrents & waterfalls, rivers and dams must be a monopoly, either a private monopoly or a public monopoly.

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