Léman Luxury for rent Vinhomes Riverside Royal City Ha Noi have sầu various thiết kế withmany diversified areas:

02 bedroom apartments Vinhomes Royal City – area: 88,3 – 89,8 – 96,3 – 104 – 108,7 – 109 – 110 – 114,5 – 113,9sqm

03 bedroom apartments Vinhomes Royal City– area: 124 – 130 – 136 – 144 – 146 – 151 – 164 – 151,7 – 179,8 – 181,4 – 187,3 – 200 sqm.

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04 bedroom apartments Vinhomes Royal City - area:181,4 – 187,3 – 200 -221sqm.

Available furniture: wooden floors, plaster ceilings, kitchen equipment, luxury sanitary ware, camera, concealed conditioning, water heater, etc.


Vinhomes Royal CityApartment buildingNguyen TraiComplex contains 6 buildings: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, & R6 with total 4460 apartments

- R1 building contains 942 apartments with diverse area of 88.3m2 – 200.8mét vuông.VinhomesKhu đô thị Royal City Léman Luxury Apartments in R1 building have 1- 4 bedrooms.

- R2 building inVinhomesRoyal City Apartment contains 942 apartments, with varied area of 88.3m2 – 151.7mét vuông, 2-3 bedrooms.

- R3 building inVinhomesRoyal City Apartment was designed from109.2m2 to lớn 221.5mét vuông, with 2-4 bedrooms

- R4 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137m2.

- R5 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137.6mét vuông.

- R6 building with 1-2 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 162.2mét vuông.


VinhomesVincom Mega Mall Royal City Nguyen Trai Léman Luxury Apartments Map

Luxury apartments in Vinhomes Riverside Royal City are built with architectural style of European royalty using high-tech, modern và safe amenities for the life of each family. Apartments in Vinhomes Royal City project have sầu many diversified surface areas ranging from 88.3sqm khổng lồ 221.4sqm with 39 different types. Léman Luxury are designed and arranged reasonably with a variety of options and many different spaces lớn meet needs of living and the rest of all members in the family.

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Vinhomes Royal CityComplex is on number 72A Nguyen Trai – a central area of many major roads linking Hanoi urban areas with new capital’s Centre.

- Far from Hoan Kiem Lake about 5 kilometers (10 minutes driving)

- To Lich River on the Northeast

- Nguyen Trai Street on the Southeast.

- Thuong Dinh Residential Area on the Northwest & Southwest


VinhomesDự án Royal City Nguyen Trai Apartment – Map of project location


- Total area: 1trăng tròn.945 m2, designed with intelligent connection aao ước complex function constructions & complex public constructions along to lớn ecological Architecture.

- Square of Gardens và parks about 70.000 square meters.

- Square of Shopping Mall and Supermarket: 230.000mét vuông, divided into 2 basements and 2 levels.

- Water park with area of 17.000m2

- The first biggest ice rink in Vietnam giới with area of 3000 square meters

- Amusement place in approximately 30.000 m2

- Parking lot in basement with more 300.000m2


VinhomesVincom Mega Mall Royal City Apartment – Project scale









House planning

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2nd,2A,2B floors: shopping center

3rd-35thfloors: apartments

3rd-35thfloors: apartments

2A-15A floors: apartments

2A-35thfloors: apartments

2A-35thfloors: apartments

3rd-30thfloors: apartments

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden


5 star lounge: Each bloông chồng has 02 lounges

Indoor water park

1st skating rink in Vietnam

Luxury Gym & Spa

Indoor recreational area

Outdoor swimming pool: 02 (không tính phí for residents)

06 indoor heated swimming pools: Each bloông chồng has 01 swimming pool (miễn phí for residents).


Vinschool kindergarten

Vinmec international hospital

70.000sqm green park

Largest underground parking area in Vietnam

5 star services combined with real estate (24/24h service)

Tennis, badminton, basketball courts.

Royal City Nguyen Trai gives you the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect life. It is a complex of high-end hotels, rental offices, commercial centers, luxury apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, gardens và many large và unique projects in Vietnam such as: ice rink, indoor water park, Gym & Spage authority area, cinema complex, underground parking area, etc. Dự án Royal City apartments promise to bring a comfortable living space and a heathy life for every resident.

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Public services


Near many large hospitals




90m2 - 2 Bed | 2 Bath high floor, city view apartment for rent in Royal City Hanoi

Apartment types:2 bedroom apartments Rental,Price:$900/ month,Ref:VI98

Lvà area:90 m2,Bedrooms:2,Bathrooms:2

Royal City Hanoi offers you the best conditions for a comfortable và perfect life. With a combination of high-class hotels, offices for rent, commercial centers, high-grade apartment buildings và schools, kindergartens, green parks và many first & large projects such as ice rink, indoor water park, Gym & Spa, cinema complex, underground car park ....

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Great, bright, one bedroom in Vinhomes Khu đô thị Royal City, available now (10 July 018) for Rent!

Apartment types:1 bedroom apartments rental,Price:$800/ month,Ref:VI97

Land area:54 mét vuông,Bedrooms:1,Bathrooms:1

Brilliant location in City Hanoi. Easy access to airport by highway transportation system. Takes 15 minutes khổng lồ Old Quater và West Lake.Conveniently cthua to everything you need but also hidden in the quiet area. Surrounded by Vinschool, & huge shopping Mall around shophouse and two basements.

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