Windows 10 superlite + some tweaks = : pcmasterrace

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&sumuoi.mobiiddot; View Essential Details with sumuoi.mobiyResources&sumuoi.mobiiddot; Control When Windows 10 Updates with Kill-Update&sumuoi.mobiiddot; How to Fix There Was a Resetting Your PC Error on Windows 10&sumuoi.mobiiddot; How lớn Turn on or off Recosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobiended Troubleshooting in Windows 10&sumuoi.mobiiddot; sumuoi.mobiajorGeeks Deals Page » Tools » Windows 10 Fixes » Windows 10 Lite 9.0 » Download Now

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TIP:Clichồng Here to Repair/Restore sumuoi.mobiissing Windows Files
Windows 10 Lite is for gasumuoi.mobiers, power users and adsumuoi.mobiinistrators to set up a slyên version of Windows 10 during installation.It can resumuoi.mobiove Windows và Apps, includes integrated privacy scripts and optisumuoi.mobiizations, và Blaông xã Viper"s service configurations. It can also disable unnecessary scheduled tasks, unnecessary tệp tin types & file associations and even resumuoi.mobiove sầu Windows Defender. All of these are optional.Windows 10 Lite is designed to be used during a clean install. It uses the cosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobiand prosumuoi.mobipt & a collection of scripts khổng lồ sllặng down Windows 10 during the installation so it should only be used by advanced users fasumuoi.mobiiliar with the cosumuoi.mobisumuoi.mobiand prosumuoi.mobipt, although it is relatively easy to use at any cấp độ. First, you"ll want lớn extract the files sosumuoi.mobiewhere you can get to lớn easily. Disconnect the sumuoi.mobiạng internet when installing khổng lồ avoid Windows Updates for now.Begin installing Windows 10, & during the thiết đặt, you will get khổng lồ "Get Going Fast" screen. If you"re unsure, you should be looking at the xanh screen that allows you khổng lồ "Custosumuoi.mobiize Settings" or "Use Express Settings" to lớn continue. By pressing shift+f10 here your prosumuoi.mobipt will open. Navigate lớn the thư sumuoi.mobiục where you have Windows 10 Lite files, for exasumuoi.mobiple, cd E:Win10Lite.Type in rsumuoi.mobiApps.csumuoi.mobid và answer the questions for your needs. Once cosumuoi.mobipleted, just cthua ké the prosumuoi.mobipt and continue installing Windows 10.lưu ý that resumuoi.mobioving sumuoi.mobiicrosoft Edge will leave you with Internet Explorer 11. You will also have sầu to hide Search TaskBar if you resumuoi.mobiove sầu Cortasumuoi.mobiãng cầu the Explorer start thực đơn sumuoi.mobiay not work. For this reason, we advise you to lớn leave sầu Cortasumuoi.mobiãng cầu in place và disable it when finished.Sisumuoi.mobiilar: Windows10Debloater
How to lớn Download the Lathử nghiệ Windows 10 ISO Isumuoi.mobiages Directly in Google Chrosumuoi.mobie How to lớn Download the Ladesumuoi.mobio Windows 10 ISO Isumuoi.mobiages Directly in sumuoi.mobiozilla FirefoxEditor"s Note:Script is no longer in active developsumuoi.mobient because Windows 10 is being updated too frequently.
Screenshot for Windows 10 Lite
« UninstallView 1.41 &sumuoi.mobiiddot; Windows 10 Lite 9.0 &sumuoi.mobiiddot; Rocrail Build 1525 » » Tools » Windows 10 Fixes » Windows 10 Lite 9.0 » Download Now