Wolcen: lords of mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem debuted in 2020 to lớn a mixed reception. It’s the newest hack & slash we’ve seen, so it’s a shame this action RPG title is not better.

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Wolcen Studio’s dungeon-crawler has about 6/10 scores on both Steam and Metacritic. If you ask me, a lonely critic, I’d say it’s worth a try, but not the extra time investment other A-RPG games deserve.

You need some convincing, though. You need to see for yourself whether or not you should play Wolcen: Lords Mayhem.

The last part of our article has a Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem starting guide if you become interested. We’ll cover the first build you can vị as well as general advice lớn get you going.

I hope this is your one-stop Wolce: Lords of Mayhem đánh giá & guide.

Wolcen is only for Windows PC. It requires a 6-core processor, 8 GB of RAM, & a 2GB dedicated GPU.

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem ReviewWolcen: Lords of Mayhem GameplayRotating Class SystemWolcen: Lords of Mayhem Starter Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Review

In February 2020, Wolcen premiered as a dynamic hachồng và slash title with the potential for greatness. It takes what it needs from Diablo 3 and Path of Exile at the same time. Thus, it delivers a game that’s easy-to-learn, with just enough complexity to lớn replay it a couple of times.

What it lacks, though, is end-game variety. After the classical main story campaign, you’d expect an ARPG title. Wolcen becomes repetitive sầu quite fast.


Elsewhere, it has all of the elements of the genre. That means loot, gear, gear quality, skills, levels, quests, quest rewards, crafting, & dungeons.

You can play both online or offline. The online mode awards extra loot as you play around with your friends. However, it’s often buggy. The offline mode is the straightforward experience you’d expect. You can’t play your online character offline or vice-versa, though.

chơi Game is fast-paced combat where dodging, dashing, and combos are the core features. On top of this, you need lớn customize your skills to lớn make your characters powerful.


Distinctive Elements

Every ARPG title must have sầu something that makes it different from the rest. Otherwise, they become just another of the bunch.

For example, Path of Exile shines because of its complexity and open class system. The last Epoch‘s highlight is the time-traveling feature. It’s a core mechanic of both the main arc and the endgame.

Choosing the defining feature of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is easy. It’s the gameplay. It does feel different, faster, smoother, and great-looking.

There’s another distinctive sầu element here, though, which is how the stats work. You get four stats, each one with particular functionalities that work nothing as you’ve sầu seen on other ARPG titles.


A Flawed Start

Even though it has just enough khổng lồ stvà on its own two legs, defeating its own negative sầu reputation is more of a challenge.

Its negative sầu reception is due to lớn a flawed launch plus immense expectations. Whereas fans were expecting Wolcen khổng lồ be the “Diablo 4” killer, it turned out khổng lồ be “just another ARPG game.”

Nevertheless, Wolcen gathered around 5,000 concurrent players on launch. Those were impressive numbers in the first game of an indie studio. Unfortunately, though, the developers couldn’t handle the success.

Hence, serves became unstable, và imperfections became clear. Suddenly, fans realized the title needed more time in development.

Over the next months, developers were able khổng lồ iron out the issues. However, the negative first impression was already here.

Still, the time developers needed to lớn flesh out their game has passed. As a result, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem feels much better. Nevertheless, the end-game is still underwhelming.


Don’t Skip the Tutorial Section

Finally, the classic ARPG isometric setting is there khổng lồ greet you. You’ve sầu reached the tutorial section, where you’ll realize characters have sầu four basic movements.

You have your basic attaông xã on the left click, a dodge on your space bar, & a dash attaông xã. A dash attaông chồng makes you reach an enemy with your left cliông xã automatically by dashing forward.

You’ll see your HPhường bar on the left & your Willpower/Fury bar on the right on the lower side of the screen. There’s also a dash meter on the left; it resets each time you dash. Lastly, there’s a dodge counter on top of the HP bar.

It’s a simple functionality that evolves as you customize your deadly powers. And, as far as powers go, there’re 21 classes within a rotating Passive sầu Skill Tree. The options range from minions khổng lồ elemental powers.


A Modern Take on A-RPG Gameplay

After the tutorial section, you’ll get your first skills on the action bar. There’re seven spaces here to place your skills.

By now, you’ll see the game feels và moves differently than other titles of the genre. SKills have sầu more weight, and your weapons are something you use.

Overall, battle animations feel smooth & come with sweat animations, sound FXs, & music. It seems like you see và understand everything you và the enemies vày. It works like this because you need to lớn have time khổng lồ dodge và dash enemies.

Weapon combos, in particular, showcase the refined gameplay Wolcen delivers. Your weapon full bộ is available in the left clichồng, the attaông chồng button. You can’t change it, but these combos are usable even in the end-game.

That means you’ll be actually swinging your weapons all the way through. Notably, different weapon configurations work differently. For example, dual-wielding axes make enemies bleed. Or two-handed hammers have sầu a larger range và the ability to bypass enemy armor.

With the appropriate attributes & passive sầu skills, you’ll enhance the weapon combos.

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So, no, Wolcen is not about exploding enemies like Path of Exile. Is more about wielding your weapons lớn unleash destructive forces in-between dodges và dashes.

These destructive sầu forces will never cover the entire screen, though. Similarly, creatures will never cover the entire screen. Instead, your foes come with different abilities, a smart AI, và strategies that depover on the enemy family they belong khổng lồ.

You could even be facing packs of two & three highly specialized enemies. You’d need lớn face encounters with strategy and fast movement if you want to succeed.

Also, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a challenging game. It’s tough from beginning khổng lồ over. You’ll never reach a point where it becomes a breeze. quái thú battles during the campaign are particularly long and painful. Luckily, other NPCs (Templars like yourself) will often travel with you.

A Story-arc With Clear Inspirations

I haven’t said much about the story; most players are not coming to an ARPG because of the plot. Unless it’s a Diablo title, cinematics and narrative sầu are often not very significant.

In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, the plot is somehow interesting. There’re just enough cinematics và dialogues lớn understvà what’s going on. However, you have sầu lớn see the scenes and hear the dialogues repeatedly if you trả lời the game.

What I lượt thích, though, is how Wolcen takes cues và inspiration from other powerful RPG games. It does so with respect, và it even takes elements from The Lord of The Rings universe.

You play as a former officer of the Human Republic’s army. You’re also an orphan, fleeing from the Human Republic as they hunt you for your hidden magic powers. The mysterious Templar organization comes to lớn your aid and makes you a part of their group.

The Templar organization is similar lớn what we saw in the Dragon Age franchise. It takes care of controlling & eliminating dangerous magic users & demons.

There’re further similarities with the te lore here. Notably, your character slowly awakens magical powers akin to what the demons wield. The Templar order, fanatics as they are, is not very happy about it. Not even your own system

If you made Hawke a Blood Magician on DAII, you know what I’m talking about.

Either way, it’s a simple setting that won’t bother you, but it won’t excite you either. It has a couple of cool cinematics here and there, though. If you’ve played any Warhammer titles, you’ll notice the similarities here in terms of graphics & tones. The developers are Warhammer fans!

With its nods to other exceptional and classic RPG games, the narrative is something most gamers can easily enjoy. As I said, though, it’s nothing new.

Lastly, the main arc goes along three acts, aside from the prologue. These chapters feature both main and side quests. According lớn the Wiki, there’re 11 side quests và 15 main missions. The developers intkết thúc to expvà the main narrative sầu on further expansions.

Following secondary quests is quite easy. You access isolated areas during the main progression through green doors. Blue doors mark the main quests.

If you make a mistake, you can rephối your passive tree by paying Primordial Affinity.

General Build Advice

Lastly, Wolcen builds are nothing more than mixing these classes together. After you plan your path, you must also choose your attributes and follow your blueprint.

Then, as you find Enneracts, simply use the ones you lượt thích the most. Use the proper kind of active sầu skill for your character, though.

Modifiers are even easier: you can make it work with anything you choose. However, vì chưng plan ahead.

More importantly, you should focus on a single damage type & then complement it with a secondary one. All of your passives should revolve around the single damage type.

Elemental Mage Example

The classic mage build is the easiest pick on Wolcen. It will allow you to lớn understand the game before going towards more difficult options.

The idea is to lớn use high-damaging magic spells và then use Bulwark for health recovery. Your secondary utility spell is Aether Jump, which allows you to lớn jump away from enemies.

For classes, you will piông chồng Scholar, Warlock, và Oracle of Trinity. You can then piông xã the Ranger as well if your spells are projectiles.

Overall, you’ll go for elemental damage, force shield, & DoTs.

Pure Melee Example

The pure melee character focuses on the Wings of Ishmir skill for damage và Bleeding Edge. For taunting enemies, you can use Sovereign Shout & Juggernaut.

The Gates of Destiny path goes lượt thích this:

Soldier: The Wild CardWarmonger: Feast for the Crows, Gods Amongst Men, and surrounding passivesSiegebreaker: Salvatory Anchor, Disallowing Vessel, and surrounding perksChild of Fury: Furquả táo Appetite

After these picks, you can go towards the Sentinel và then the Praetorian for stamina and defensive bonuses. Lastly, go towards the Arms Maester to lớn choose Virtuous Stance.

As for attributes, you won’t need Wisdom. Instead, aim for 5 Ferocity points for every 1 Toughness point.

Poison Build Example

The Plaguelord build is one of the best builds available. It comes from YouTuber Vulkan.This build combines Anomaly and Plaguburst skills to create poisonous gases.

The passive sầu tree path looks lượt thích this:

Scholar: Thirst for Knowledge và Attrutrion StrategistWarlock: Resilience khổng lồ Corruption, Duty lớn Exterminate, and Reining in the DarknessPlaguebringer: Toxic Emanation, Undertaker

Then, you’re going towards the Soldier for the Wild Card passive. Then, choose Power of the First Men and Immortal Offering from the Cabadanh sách.